Protein Breakfast Cookies + 15 Different Cookie Flavor Options

Alright quarantine. This week I’m taking you on in an epic battle of the bulge. You and I have been craving things we’ve never craved. We sit a lot more. And we eat more. And you’ve ruined my exercise routine! So this week, I’m taking you on and going back to basics with (mostly) clean […]

Talking About It Out Loud

I have been asked a few times to share my experience on different platforms. To share the experience of what it’s like going through a divorce. And to share what its like having my ex husband then pass away. Is grief different? How is it the same? What feelings and emotions did my kids experience? […]

T’s Foods Class Chicken Coconut Curry Recipe

There are several classes that I highly HIGHLY recommend your kids take in junior high and high school. Foods class is definetely one of those. My son came home and raved about this chicken coconut curry that he made in his foods class. So we found the recipe and decided to make it for dinner […]

We Tried to Have a Date Night During Quarantine and This is What Happened…

So we tried to have a date night during quarantine. It was interesting to say the least. If you are going to do a date night during quarantine I suggest having a fully charged smartphone and going out early. We left the house around six at night and were going to scout out some hikes […]

Gluten Free Air Fried Apple Fritters…Pass or Fail?

I have really struggled with the air fryer and baked goods–especially gluten free air fryer baked goods. I’ve made some incredible tasting chicken and I love air fried waffle fries but I am really struggling with cooking yeast products in the air fryer. These gluten free air fried apple fritters were no exception. Gluten free […]

Snickerdoodle Baked Donuts

This week I’m sharing the joys of quarantine by sharing some recipes that our family has loved…and struggled with. This recipe is a recipe that we have loved–snickerdoodle baked donuts! They are also easy to adapt as I can make them gluten free very easy. While the recipe cooking has been simple and easy to […]

Spring Break Quarantine Neighborhood Party Ideas

Break up the monotony of quarantine and social isolation by hosting a spring break neighborhood party while maintaining social distancing. Did you have to cancel your spring break plans? We are playing it day by day but it’s safe to say our spring break plans are not going to be what they usually are. We […]

Panera Bread Summer Corn Chowder

This Panera Bread summer corn chowder can be made right in the comfort of home. You can even make it dairy free! The recipe already comes deliciously gluten free with hints of lime and jalapeno and a traditional tangy chowder flavor. One of the best chowder variations you will ever have! This quarantine thing is […]

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