10 Things for Kids and Teens to Do in Lava Hot Springs Idaho

We decided a few years ago that this might be the perfect weekend getaway trip. It’s always hard to find places to take the teenagers and the younger kids but we found another place that all ages enjoyed! Lava Hot Springs Idaho is the perfect getaway for kids and teens. We are highlighting our favorite […]

Grilled Coconut Pineapple Lime Upside Down Cake

Gluten Free

This weekend was pretty busy. And all weekend I craved pineapples! This grilled coconut pineapple lime upside down cake creation just sounded so good! I was also thinking about this design idea too. I think it would be perfect for reusing old swingsets that are just sitting in the backyard because the kids are getting […]

Unique Ways Churches, Neighborhoods and Communities Can Help Better During the Pandemic

The pandemic has left us all feeling isolated. And as things start to open up and schools anticipate opening in the fall it’s also a time that we can start to plan, look ahead and see what we can do better. Fall and winter are just a short ways away and as we plan for […]

English Breakfast Scones (Easy!)

Gluten Free

Delicious English breakfast scones are the perfect breakfast and simple and easy to make! We even included some allergy friendly adaptations to make these vegan, gluten free, egg free and dairy free if you need! During our school shutdown it was getting tougher and tougher to get the kids engaged in learning. They were sick […]

Gluten Free Golden Graham Cereal Bars Recipe (S’Mores Bars)

Many years ago a friend brought some Golden Graham cereal bars to a work potluck. They were amazing! Now anytime I make them for a potluck or event they are pretty much gone. The kids think they have some super magical powers in them that make you eat an entire pan in one sitting. For […]

Copycat Trader Joes Corn Cookies Recipe

Gluten Free

I made the mistake of reading Trader Joes list of new summer products and these copycat Trader Joes Corn Cookie Mix looked so tempting. I thought the kids would love them and maybe, just maybe! I could enjoy them too. But…no. They have gluten in them. But…. Don’t worry. I came up with a copycat […]

What Vitamins Are Best for Preventing Coronavirus? Aging? Hair Loss?

The vitamin industry is one of the largest and probably most profitable industries with some of the greatest “scientific” claims being made. But what vitamins actually are beneficial and which ones are mostly hype? Which vitamins are best for preventing coronavirus, aging, hair loss and are vitamins made from whole foods better than those that […]

How to Serve Meals and Have a Gathering of Larger Groups During a Pandemic

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to have a graduation party for my daughter at our house. We were excited but at the time we had to also limit our gathering of family or friends to twenty people due to COVID-19 restrictions in our state. A few days before the event they loosened […]

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