Miss Andrew Mary Poppins Gift Ideas

Looking for a unique Mary Poppins gift ideas? These Miss Andrew Mary Poppins gift ideas from the Broadway version of Mary Poppins may just melt Miss Andrews heart! (Maybe). I had every intention of posting a new recipe but the weekend got away from me and now its another week. So it’s backwards this week. […]

Boudin Bakery Garlic Asiago Crackers (Easy Version + Gluten Free Version!)

Boudin Bakery has always been one of my favorite restaurants to go to. If you ever make it out to San Francisco, make sure you head to Boudin Bakery! I suggest going to the store on Fisherman’s Wharf for the full bakery experience. The bakery portion of the restaurant has lot’s of loaves of different […]

Renal Chemo Diet Plan Ideas

Without giving too much away, recently someone close to our family (Let’s say Uncle M.) was diagnosed with a rather life changing condition. Uncle M. and my aunt have always meant a lot to me. Even though the miles and living in different states have brought us further apart geographically as I got older, I […]

Souvla San Francisco Chicken Salad Recipe

San Francisco will always have a special place in my heart. I spent my first honeymoon there, weekend trips with my parents, and even got to take our kids there many times too. It’s a place that has also broken me. Tested me. And helped me rise from some of life’s hardest difficulties. It was […]

Burnt Moment: Dishwasher FAIL!

It’s definetely been awhile since we’ve had a really big burnt fail so it was time. This time, I give this one to the girls mostly. The girls made some soaps with their new soap making kit. I told them to clean up and they did. They threw their half used soap bowls into the […]

Easy Buttery Bundt Pan Cinnamon Rolls (Ready in About One Hour!)

Last Monday we had a snowpocalypse. So much so that school got cancelled for everyone which meant that I got to work from home. It kind of worked out because two of the four kids were sick and I kept running them medicine all day after they had me up at four in the morning. […]

How to Break A Child’s Sugar Cravings

Plenty of kids love sugar. Most parents don’t need to be told that. Unfortunately, most parents also don’t need to be told that allowing a child to indulge their sweet tooth all the time simply isn’t good for their health in the long run.  You may be able to relate. If so, don’t worry. There […]

Red Velvet Donuts with White Chocolate Glaze

Superbowl Sunday is over and it’s now time to think Valentine’s Day! These beautiful red velvet donuts with white chocolate glaze are delicious, simple to make and sure to be a hit at any event this holiday! Our Superbowl was nice and low key. We are still mourning that the 49ers lost, but it was […]

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