Thanksgiving Recap 2017

“+Best Thanksgiving EVER!!” Always words you want to hear from your kids. We enjoyed an early Christmas with the kids and headed to visit extended family this year. I was super excited because I got to enjoy my favorite kind of Thanksgiving–a California one! It was great to be surrounded by family. Our first stop […]

Happy Thanksgiving, The BEST Gluten Free Pies and She Made WHAT??

Well, what would a Thanksgiving post be without a Happy Thanksgiving? 1. I have the kids this holiday and we are taking a very very very very very very long car ride to see family. I hope I survive. I hope they survive too. The love just radiates through the car after a few hours […]

Nutella Protein Milkshake For Kids Plus a Starbucks Puppicchino for Dogs

Our new Hamilton Beach Blender arrived and as soon as it was unwrapped my son  began to reminisce about the time his uncle made him the most delicious, perfect, wonderful, smooth Nutella protein milkshake. My son commented that his uncle wouldn’t give up the recipe and made them leave the room while he made it […]

Transgender Owl in 2nd Grade Play + A Fruit Ninja Moment in my Kitchen

Transgender owl conversations and a real life fruit ninja moment in the kitchen are all in a days conversation and activities at our house.  There are days as a mom you realize you’ve just lost control of a situation. The dinner table has always been one of those moments that once I had my third […]

The Pie is the ONLY Place for GF Pizza + Squeezing In One Last Hike

This past weekend the kids were off to their Dad’s for the weekend and it was time for a kid free weekend. I always wonder what to do for an entire weekend but it’s amazing that after the grocery store, pet store, and cleaning the house there isn’t a whole lot of time left in […]

Kids Halloween Hangover +Shark Tank is my Equivalent of my Mom’s HSN (I Don’t Have a Problem)

Today is the day that I want to pretend that I don’t have to go to work. It’s Halloween Hangover day and the day that a lot of us working in education would love to call in sick. The kids are hungover from sugary Halloween sugar cookies made at class parties. A night of trick […]

Cake Mix Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins + Sweet Home Alabama

Chocolate makes me happy. So do these cake mix double chocolate zucchini muffins. Very little prep time and you’ve got healthy and chocolate together.  This weekend was a fun one. It’s also a crazy busy one so I’m sitting here on the couch this morning enjoying eating some pancakes alone while watching Sweet Home Alabama. […]

Cinnamon Crunch Cereal Krispy Treats + You WILL Walk Me

Cinnamon crunch cereal krispy treats will quickly become one of your favorite variations on the classic rice krispy treat. If you love these, also try our frosted flake rice krispy treats.  Two days a week I get to work from home. It’s wonderful to be able to pick up the kids from school or take […]

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