A Gift From Dad and Mom for Father’s Day

Father’s Day will always be a little more bittersweet for me. I wonder if it will ever get easier, but when you loose a parent young it can be tough. It’s been five years since my Dad passed away and it seems like it’s only been a year or so. The pain has been lessening […]

DIY Cheap Girls Tea Party Birthday

My littlest celebrated her FIRST friend’s party and it was a blast! We had a great time hosting this girl’s tea party birthday celebration! And the best part is it cost me under $50 to host! A very simple and easy DIY cheap girls tea party birthday that turns out fabulous! My little one is […]

Blender Double Chocolate Ice Cream + Sunday Sewing

This blender double chocolate ice cream was the perfect ending to a busy weekend. This recipe is a no churn and is made in minutes! This was a very busy weekend. The two older ones were off and away most of the weekend and the little one and I were home alone together. And she […]

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Popsicles + Hiking Nowhere

It’s summer! Grab a chocolate covered strawberry popsicle and relax while reading a good book or sitting poolside!  Yesterday was the first 100 degree day and it was so hot and miserable. I always have a bunch of these pops in the freezer. Strawberries are very inexpensive this time of year so it’s usually strawberry. […]

Barbeque Chicken Nachos + Hello Summer!

Easy meals are a MUST in the summer! These barbeque chicken nachos are simple, easy and taste like summer!  I can’t believe we are in the first week of summer already. It’s been busy but so much fun! Lunch dates with the kids are fun. I got to take each of them out this week. […]

Chicken Pot Pie Pasta + Taekwondo Pays Off!

Chicken pot pie pasta is the perfect comfort food for the hot summer months!  I seriously am having trouble believing that school is out! May felt a lot like this: So true. From choir concerts to band concerts, mother’s day programs and all the last minute things the kids needed it has been absolutely CRAZY!!! […]

Honey Sweetened Brownies + Climbing Fences

These honey sweetened brownies are delicious with a sprinkling of chocolate chips, nuts or a scoop of ice cream on top!  This weekend I made the mistake of going to the store hungry. Is anyone else shocked by the snacks they are making “protein packed” now. Rice krispy treats, really?? I bought them because I […]

3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Pudding Cookies + 38 Candles

These simple and easy peanut butter pudding cookies are delicious and full of peanut butter goodness!! 38 candles. In a cupcake. I didn’t EVER think we could get this old. I remember making fun of my parents when they were in their late 30’s. And now karma is here and alive and kicking me in […]

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