The Only Way to Travel

Why didn’t we think of this a couple of years ago when we went to Disneyland? This definetely is the only way to travel at Disneyland. I highly suggest that all theme parks pick this idea up to save parents from aching backs and tired arms when carrying their child through hour long lines. It […]

Searching for the Best Donuts

I’m a city girl through and through so I love any chance I can get to head into our city. It’s a small city in comparison to what I grew up in, but it works for me. The kids and I had a rare day off together so we opted to head for Salt Lake […]

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread + Food Allergy Substitutions

Life is just full of fun this week! Soccer season is starting back up again and this year I’m prepping for it. I’ve opted to pack two quilts, an umbrella, two beanies, hand and foot warmers and I even found these body warmers! I will NOT be complaining that I’m sitting through soccer games in […]

My Experience with Gluten Free Meal Delivery Services

I’ve had this curiosity about meal delivery services for a long time. How simple and easy would it be to point, click and have dinner delivered to my door? All I would have to do is spend twenty minutes mixing up the ingredients and dinner would be served. As my kids eat different than I do, […]

Chocolate Rice Krispies Treats + Food Allergy Substitutions

Chocolate Rice Krispy Treats are so gooey and delicious that we even included an allergy friendly version for those who have food allergies.  The weekend. In college if I wasn’t working my weekend shift at the hospital, I was sleeping in. The hardest part of the weekend would be getting some laundry done while studying for […]

Fighting Off Anxiety With Natural Solutions

Today’s fast-paced world requires you to be connected and alert almost every minute of the day. Free time feels as if it’s full of obligations and stressful times. It’s time you took control of these anxiety-filled moments by looking for natural ways to reduce the stress. Fighting off anxiety is possible with these simple yet […]

My FAVORITE Bread Recipe….I Use it For EVERYTHING!!

The best thing about this week have definetely been the warmer temperatures. We’ve broken out the bikes and headed for the trail by our house. And the best part? Rain instead of snow have finally started falling. RAIN. Not SNOW. I love rain! No breaking out the shovels, no having to plan for extra time […]


What a winter of firsts! My fourteen year old made (and paid for) her first Build a Bear with her own money. It was a gift card, but to a 14 year old it’s her earned money. Still trying to figure out even in a 14 year old mind how opening an envelope = hard earned […]

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