What a winter of firsts! My fourteen year old made (and paid for) her first Build a Bear with her own money. It was a gift card, but to a 14 year old it’s her earned money. Still trying to figure out even in a 14 year old mind how opening an envelope = hard earned […]

Chocolate Dipped Brownie Bites + Dairy Free Version!

These delicious chocolate dipped brownie bites are melt in your mouth full of chocolatey goodness! I’ve never been that big into Valentine’s Day. My anniversary was a couple of weeks before Valentine’s Day so it never seemed that big of a deal to celebrate Valentine’s Day on top of my anniversary. I also never saw the […]

Top Valentine’s Day Treats

  This weekend has been eventful to say the least! The freezer and fridge went out and thankfully I was able to move all of the food downstairs to our other fridge and freezer until I can get this one fixed. So because life took a few unexpected twists and turns this weekend it’s now […]

Under an Hour Asiago Cheese Pretzels

Deliciously cheesy under an hour asiago cheese pretzels are amazingly soft & chewy! This week has flown by and I had this post started on Monday but unfortunately it sat in the “draft” pile for the better part of the week. There have been huge school projects due, an important meeting to attend to and […]

Superbowl Sunday Kid Activities

I am one that has had to dedicate many, many, many years to the kids table. Entertaining them while running out to catch snippets of the game. I’m not a fan of the kids table during the BIGGEST game of the year. I liked hanging out and watching the game. It’s a great way to […]

Oh My Goodness!! Superbowl Sunday Menu is HERE!!!! Stretchy Pants Time!!

I’m SO excited for the Superbowl. I have to admit NONE of my favorite teams are making it to the Superbowl this year so I’ve got to go with Plan B–the food. And the commercials. And the spirit of the game. But let’s just face it I’m more about the food. If you know our […]

Lobster Dinners or Filet Mignon? What People Food Can Dogs Eat?

Today I’m taking some much needed time off to get some work done and get caught up on some homework. I’ve got Ryan checking in from Pet Gear Lab to talk about one of my favorites, my dog. Many of you know if you’ve read our website for a long time that my dog is […]

Easy Gluten Free Valentine’s Mix

Class parties are just around the corner and it can be tough to find something that all the kids in the class can enjoy. I love cereal and eat it as a snack all the time. This easy gluten free valentine’s mix is the perfect treat for dessert or to make for class parties. I […]

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