EASY Monster Eye Halloween Cake Mix Cookies

Halloween is THIS week but it kind of snuck up on me. I really wasn’t ready for it. There is so much going on and so much to do from now until Christmas that my to do list is overflowing and so are my stress levels. So any way that I can make a class […]

Thursday’s Thoughts: Building a Catio

Catio. I had NEVER heard that word until I visited my mom this past weekend. And then my fingers experienced exactly how to build a catio while trying to cut through my fish dinner that night. Of course, my mother labeled it as a couple of hour at the most project that turned into an […]

Freezer Salsa + When Your Parent Crushes On Their Idol

This weekend was very busy. We drove down to my Mom’s house to help celebrate her birthday and ended up building a catio. (Yes, more to come on THAT later. Still a wee bit hating the catio since my hands hurt from bending chicken wire). Right before we left we had to tear out the […]

Chicken Parmesan Sheet Pan Dinner + Dog Takeover

I know that my love for sheet pan dinners is probably bordering OCD. But for me, they are so simply and easy to make and this chicken parmesan sheet pan dinner is no exception. It’s so simple in the fall and winter to turn on the oven and then get back to work helping kids, […]

Meatballs, Brown Gravy and Rice Sheetpan Dinner

Delicious sheetpan dinner makes weeknight cooking a breeze! This meatballs, brown gravy and rice dinner will become a family favorite! This weekend was a busy one. Family came into town, wrinkles were thrown into the schedule and life just got crazy. This simple and easy weeknight dinner came to the rescue. My kids since they […]

The BEST Slow Cooker Ribs + One Year

This weekend by far was probably one of the hardest. Actually the whole week was. This was the one year anniversary of my children’s Dad passing away and it brought up a lot of memories…good and bad. It was fun to go through the old photos and see some of the kids pictures and good […]

Sheet Pan Pumpkin Pie + Homecoming and CVX Live 2019

This weekend was pretty eventful. My fork, a sheet pan pumpkin pie and my legs got quite the workout this weekend trying to get everything ready for homecoming. And the girls were dying to see some of their favorite You Tubers at CVX Live 2019 so one afternoon was devoted to walking around a conference […]

Beef Taco Pasta Salad

This beef taco pasta salad has a kick and takes traditional pasta salad to a whole new level. Perfect for serving to a crowd! Tis the season for fall football and meals for the football team. I’ve learned there is a BIG difference between feeding the choir department and the football team. They eat. They […]

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