Clearing My Head

Last Sunday I just needed to get out and clear my head a little before the long week ahead. “Clearing my head” usually involves some sort of physical torture in which I put myself through a long workout or a long run or walk in which by the end I’m so physically fatigued and have […]

Coconut Sugar Caramel Popcorn + Thrift Store Shopping Online

Coconut sugar caramel popcorn is a delicious and tasty treat! Pair it with some thrift store shopping online and you’ve got a fun and inexpensive night of shopping ahead! **This is NOT a sponsored post** “MOM, YOU HAVE TO GO TO PLATO’S CLOSET AND PICK UP THIS CUTE SHIRT BEFORE 9PM TONIGHT PLEAAAAASE!!!!” I probably […]

Ultimate Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Sandwich + Fuzzezz

This ultimate slow cooker BBQ chicken sandwich is the perfect sandwich for the Superbowl! Get out the stretchy pants because this sandwich is hearty and combines three of your favorites–bacon, onion rings and barbeque!  I’ll give him this. My boyfriend is a trooper. Our two girls wanted to hang out together last Saturday and he […]

Naturally Sweetened Zebra Popcorn + Jazz Shoes

Delicious caramel popcorn is amazing when drizzled with chocolate. Naturally sweetened zebra popcorn will satisfy any sweet tooth without feeling guilty! If there is one place my oldest daughter has sent me since the age of 8 that scares me more than any other place–it’s the dance store. They ask so many questions! The shoe […]

Chicken Black Bean Nachos + 5 Things I’ve Learned Dating an Engineer

It’s almost Superbowl time. Chicken black bean nachos are always a staple on our Superbowl menu. So in honor of the diets we are all starting this week and ending by the Superbowl, I’m not posting a healthy recipe. I will soon. I’m working on some changes behind the scenes that will hopefully make the […]

Top 10 Reader Favorites of 2017

I love this time of year. It’s always fun to go back and reflect and see what your favorites were. I couldn’t do what I do without the help and input of our readers. We are so grateful for you and are excited for the new year ahead. These were your top 10 favorites of […]

New Year’s Tree

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! If you love taking down your tree in February (or are just looking for a fun New Year’s tradition, try our New Year’s tree!! I hope you are having a great day. We have some illness going around so our New Year’s is a little more low key this year. […]

Christmas 2017 + They Are BACK!

Christmas 2017 is in the books! I was so excited to hear how much fun the kids were having at their grandparents house with their Dad and cousins and grandparents. They were so excited to open presents. And my youngest found a bell that had been dropped by Santa’s sleigh when her grandpa went out […]

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