The Random Pictures From My Soon to Be RIP Samsung S7

The time is coming soon when I will need to send my phone to it’s final resting place. The phone has become a sore subject in the house as I have now taken over a year to decide what kind of phone I want to buy. I just can’t decide, I HATE going through the […]

Guilt Free Frozen Foods for You Children

Summer is not slowing down AT ALL for me. I’ve got a fun event coming up in a couple weeks that has been pretty time consuming (but includes LOT’S of new recipes!) Today while I start prepping and shopping for our big family event I’ve got Olivia from Yumble Kids filling in for me. She’s […]

Thursday’s Thoughts: She’s Gone

My heart hurts to even write this. I’m struggling. The past two months have been the absolute hardest for me. The end of the school year brought no break between work and the kids crazy schedules. And then June emotionally has been extremely tough although it has brought some very sweet moments as well as […]

Secret Life of Pets 2 Birthday Party Ideas

Looking for Secret Life of Pets 2 Birthday Party Ideas? Here you go! We had a wonderful birthday this past weekend for a special girl. She loves her dogs and of course wanted to go with a dog themed birthday party. Since Secret Life of Pets 2 just came out, we did a movie theater […]

Parmesan Alfredo with Zucchini Noodles + A Pint Night Cemetary

Parmsean alfredo with zucchini noodles is the perfect summertime meal! Plus, we included a FODMAP friendly version and even found a FODMAP friendly substitute for garlic! Last night (and yesterday in general) were rough. My youngest and I went to her Dad’s grave and left him a present for Father’s Day and cleaned up his […]

Thursday’s Thoughts: Top 3 Most Influential Men

This Father’s Day is going to be rough. Really rough. I know that I’ll be in PJ’s most of the day and probably at some point and time during the day we will break out the pints for the kids. (I mean THESE types of pints). Father’s Day is tough for me. My Dad was […]

Easy Sweet And Sour Chicken

Since its my youngest birthday this week we are celebrating her! This week we are making one of her favorite meals…sweet and sour chicken! Since she was young she has had the most bizarre eating habits. She goes on eating kicks. Remember the time I wrote about all she would eat was chocolate chip pancakes? […]

Thursday’s Thoughts: The One About Alphabetical Donuts

National Donut Day deserves it’s own day. Donuts are just that good. Here is our A-Z Guide to get you through National Donut Day. We made sure that we made them a little healthier by including varieties you can bake in the oven to save you calories! A: Apple Cider Donut ( B: Banana Bread […]

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