Absolutely Perfect Best Chocolate Keto Cake

This is the most absolutely perfect best chocolate keto cake recipe I’ve been about to find. Keto desserts are so hard to make and this recipe makes an absolutely amazing chocolate keto cake! Imagine lunchtime. A bunch of employees talking about the frustrations of our day. And after about 15 minutes of talking, the room […]

Back to School Lunchbox Round Up

Creative back to lchool lunch ideas work pretty good the first few weeks of school and then I loose steam and start packing the same meals. In an effort to save my kids palates (and yours!) here’s a round up of our favorite EASY back to school recipes! No fancy thermoses or bento boxes required.  […]

Slow Cooker Garlic Parmesan Chicken

This delicious slow cooker garlic parmesan chicken and vegetables is an easy and healthy back to school recipe.  This week a toothache and strep throat sidelined two of the kids so it was a quiet week and weekend. With school starting tomorrow it’s back to me making meals and breaking out of the slow cooker […]

Jamba Orange Dream Machine Recipe + Toothache

In just a few short weeks two kids will be in braces in our family and their favorite Jamba Orange Dream Machine Smoothie Recipe is going to be a favorite around our house for awhile! Today my son got to have six teeth pulled. His friend and cousin and sister got him all ready and […]

Three Ingredient Gourmet Dog Treats

Three ingredient gourmet dog treats are a perfect treat for your spoiled rotten pooch. With all natural ingredients and flavors your dog will love!  Our dog may be spoiled rotten but since no one can clearly identify what a spoiled rotten dog really is (other than this quiz) I learned I don’t actually spoil my […]

College Style Garlic Bread and Spaghetti

This bread has been popular since I was in college. No fancy bread is needed. This college style garlic bread and spaghetti tastes amazing and is inexpensive to make!  I’d have to say if I got the chance to go back to one part of my life it would definetely be my college years. College […]

Full Moon Walk

Last Friday we had the kids on an unexpected night. It was my boyfriends and my date night, so we decided to grab our camera, the kids and enjoy the one thing our kids love more than anything…selfies. We headed up to Sundance Ski Resort with the dog, the kids and the camera and were […]

Grilled French Toast and Peaches + Running Injury AGAIN!

The dog days of summer are upon us and this grilled french toast and peaches recipe will keep you happy through the heat!  I am absolutely frustrated. For the past year, I’ve struggled with running injuries on my right side. First it was pain in my hip on the right side. Then it moved to […]

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