Tastes Like It’s HOT Off the Grill Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken: You Have GOT To Try This Slow Cooker Chicken Cooking Technique!

I love using my slow cooker even in the summer. Simple and easy meals are really nice to have on hand as the kids and I go back to school. But the days are HOT. I love my grill, but my grill sits in the hot afternoon sun (love having an east/west facing house).Trying to […]

Cruising the Mexican Riviera Part 3: Puerto Vallarta and Our Carnival Cruise Line Review From Entertainment to Food and Service

Puerto Vallarta was our last port stop and after Mazatlan it was a bit of a let down. A lot of it seemed very Hawaii’ish to me. Other parts felt like I was driving through Newport Beach. It was much more Americanized. But we had an amazing time and once we got out and away […]

Cruising the Mexican Riviera Part 2: Mazatlan! + Do You Need to Speak Spanish, Are People Nice, Is Mexico ‘Safe’ and About Pesos and Zika…

Zika virus. Kidnappings. Abductions. Cartels. Border patrols. Walls. Mexico can sound pretty scary. We were asked so many questions about crusing the Mexican Riviera with all the stories coming out of Mexico. Our second port excursion took us to Mazatlan–by far our favorite port stop and the most beautiful of all the ports we visited: […]

Cruising the Mexican Riviera Part 1: Cabo San Lucas–Plus Tips for Getting On the Cruise Ship As a Family, Blended Family or Single Parent + What to Pack!

Last year brought us on vacation to Hawaii and this year we were off and trying our first cruise to the Mexican Riviera. We are sharing some of our tips and answering questions everyone keeps asking in our three part trip rundown. Our cruise was a busy one. It brought one birthday and two different […]

Meals to Feed Football Players And Other Large Crowds

This fall, the days will be spent sitting in the stands cheering on my son from the stands as he plays football. What most people don’t see is the amount of work that goes into feeding these football players behind the scenes for camps, opening week, back to back games, homecoming or end of season […]

Thursdays Thoughts: Should Actors Have Freedom to Portray Any Role? Let’s Look Back at History…

Scar Jo (aka Scarlett Johansson) recently came under fire for taking a role in the transgender film “Rub and Tug.” She was set to play Dante Gill (Tex), who ran a collection of massage parlors in the 1970’s and 1980’s that became fronts for prostitution. Scarlett Johansson was set to play Dante (Tex). However with […]

Cheater Vanilla Cupcakes with White Chocolate Buttercream

I featured our carousels and parasols themed party last week and these cheater vanilla cupcakes with white chocolate buttercream were a hit at the party. I get tired of making a plain old vanilla buttercream cupcakes and so I jazzed them up with some white chocolate buttercream. Just a quick fact: I am not a […]

A Carousel and Parasols Themed Party for Child, Teen, Wedding or Adult Gatherings

I’m not even kidding. I think I have a pre Bride zilla on my hands. I’m totally kidding but not kidding on that part but this girl had a vision for her big day from the dress to the theme and was very much wanting it to be very white and clean and pretty looking. […]

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