Barbeque Chicken Nachos + Hello Summer!

Easy meals are a MUST in the summer! These barbeque chicken nachos are simple, easy and taste like summer!  I can’t believe we are in the first week of summer already. It’s been busy but so much fun! Lunch dates with the kids are fun. I got to take each of them out this week. […]

Must Have Superbowl Appetizers

It’s my favorite holiday of the year! (Next to Christmas). The stretchy pants are ready. The menu is being made. It’s time to watch some football. Lot’s of football. You will need lot’s of food to eat though. And we’ve got the most amazing Superbowl appetizers. Barbeque Chicken Quesadillas Baked Macaroni and Cheese Balls Boudin […]

Naturebox Snacks–Holiday Snacking Necessity!

From Taekwondo to soccer to school schedules, our family keeps busy on the weekdays and weekends. We are constantly on the go and a good snack is important to keep the kids fueled and healthy. I have one child that is always reaching for something that’s not so good for her. If I have healthier […]

Superbowl Recipes

This Superbowl is a toss up for us. My young son puts it best: “I love, love, looooooooove the 49ers, but the Ravens are like, awesome too. I can’t decide who to choose Mom!” Well son, this is a hard one for us too, but I’m leaning towards 49ers. And the rest of the family […]

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