Maple Bacon Dutch Baby

Sunday breakfast at our house is always interesting. As a child, Sunday breakfast was exciting. My Dad was a former Army cook who believed that any ingredient could become a meal. That wasn’t always a good thing. There were times that he threw together some pretty….interesting ingredients. Like the time that we ran out of […]

Chicken Bacon Spinach Fettucine Alfredo

In honor of the Taste of Home Cooking School coming here next week, I decided to try one of their recipes from their magazine. I loved that they used a traditional fettucine recipe and cut the recipe down on fat and calories for readers. My kids love chicken fettucine alfredo. Our favorite family recipe is […]

Stuffed Gouda and Bacon Pork Chops

The next two weeks with school ending are just way too busy. Class parties, field days, dance festivals and finding lost library books have all been at the top of the priority list. Add to that trying to keep things running at home and finishing getting the garden planted and moved and I’m beat. TIRED. […]

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