Gluten Free Biscoff Cookies and Gluten Free Biscoff Cookie Butter

Remember when I made these cookies and was dying for some gluten free biscoff cookies? I made something pretty similar to it in a gluten free form. These gluten free biscoff cookies are delicious and as close to the original cookie as you can get. And when you make it into delicious gluten free biscoff […]

Chip Cookie Bakery “The Biscoff Chip” Cookie Recipe + First Hike

The kids went on a cookie kick this past week and brought home one of my favorite cookies: Biscoff. Its the one thing that I can’t have now that I’m gluten free (just kidding, after they brought them home and made me drool while they ate them in front of me I made a gluten […]

Baked Biscoff Donuts

I couldn’t send you off into the weekend and on to my vacation without posting a donut recipe! And it’s not any baked donut recipe, it’s a baked biscoff donut recipe! It wouldn’t be right. As you all know, biscoff spread is one of my favorite treats and one of the reasons I log so […]

Biscoff Overnight French Toast Casserole

It’s a bittersweet weekend as we plan my father’s funeral for next weekend and with family in town I’m needing some quick and easy meals to make. This biscoff french toast casserole is just that type of meal. It’s fast to prepare and easy to make. Oh, and it’s made with my favorite ingredient–biscoff! This […]

Biscoff Butterscotch Bars

Summer seems to be passing by at such a fast pace. It seems like I can’t squeeze in everything that I want to do! Swimming, friends, vacations and lot’s of fun. That’s on the kids list–but it sure keeps the parents busy! In just a few weeks, I get to start back on my running […]

Easter Breakfast

Since Easter always falls on Sunday (and Sunday is our big breakfast day at our house) of course Easter becomes about breakfast! It’s traditionally filled with french toast, a breakfast cake, cinnamon rolls or bread. Something delicious and sweet. If you are watching your sugar intake ¬†you can sub out natural sugars like coconut sugar […]

Biscoff French Toast

Today’s recipe comes courtesy of my husband. He has really enjoyed biscoff. He makes graham cracker sandwiches out of it and has even smeared it on a slice of toast. It is fun to watch my son and him dunk little biscoff covered graham crackers into milk while chatting about basketball. But his best creation […]

Original Biscoff Cookie Sandwich Recipe

I was a little late on the biscoff blogosphere kick. Really late on the biscoff kick. Because by the time I got on the biscoff kick, instead of only being able to order it online or buying it in specialty shops it’s now sold at my local Walmart. Hidden right there with the peanut butter […]

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