Pumpkin Coconut Loaf

What kind of a week would it be without starting it off with a little pumpkin? Only this time, my sweet tooth decided to go a little healthy and I made this healthier pumpkin coconut loaf. It was absolutely amazing and was nice to enjoy after a hectic week. Last week started with a quick […]

White Whole Wheat Flour Banana Bread

Sunday mornings we always serve a nicer breakfast (well, nicer than a bowl of cereal). My Dad used to wake up early Sunday morning and make us a wonderful hot breakfast when we were kids. The smell would drag a tired teenage bum out of bed. I make a loaf of bread. I hope that […]

From Scratch Red Velvet Bread Loaf

I promised you a delicious, great tasting and AMAZING Valentine’s Day treat that was good for you! We delivered. This rich from scratch red velvet bread loaf tastes so good and is filled with white chocolate or semi sweet or dark chocolate chips and covered in a rich delicate ganache. It works as a dessert bread or simply […]

Orange Roll Quick Bread

After a whirlwind week last week (finals, graduation, a wedding and more kids parties and school happenings than I can even remember!) I am ready to slow down and get in the kitchen to do some baking for neighbor gifts and friends. This orange roll quick bread takes a morning favorite and makes it so […]

Fresh Berry Focaccia

A delicious fresh berry focaccia made with summer’s finest berries and topped with a generous streusel layer. The perfect bread for enjoying the best of summer’s fruits.  September is awkward. Awkward. Going back to school with new kids and new teachers in your class (or a new school entirely!) Awkward. The weather not knowing if it should stay summery […]

Multigrain Cinnamon Crunch Breakfast Bites

Delicious multigrain breakfast bites are a nutritious way of starting off your day right.  These are the best pick me up and go breakfast. Place them down in front of the kids and be on your day. They’ll love them, you’ll love that they love them and everyone is happy. Breakfast time win! Except that you can’t […]

Bread in a Can–AKA Game Time Bread

This bread has so many names in our house–BYU bread, bread in a can or game time bread. It’s the perfect sized unique snack for college football games, basketball games, or NFL football games. It’s warm, carbohydrate filled buttery bread at it’s best and it’s perfect when it’s pulled hot out of the oven. And the […]

Chipotle Chicken Sourdough Grilled Cheese

If I didn’t win you over yesterday with our chipotle chicken nachos and make you run out to buy chipotle seasoning, than today’s chipotle chicken sourdough grilled cheese will definetely inspire you to become a chipotle fan. The spicy chipotle taste is offset by the light tangy flavor of the sourdough. The cheese and chicken […]

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