Summer Time Fun!!

T’s birthday was this past week and it was a milestone for him. He is sooo excited to leave the single digit birthdays behind. Let’s face it though, all of us would now KILL for single digit birthdays. To be a kid again, if only for a few minutes. Today you can. It was an […]

Cake in A Can

Cake in a can is a fun way to enjoy cake on your next camping trip. Great for birthday parties too! The family reunion is over and it’s time to get ourselves ready for our next trip to California. My dad passed away a year ago last April and my Mom has finally decided she […]

Cheesy Beef & Fries Tin Foil Dinner

Are you heading out camping this Fourth of July? Then try these cheesy beef tin foil dinners. Growing up, my idea of camping was a hotel. Vacation means not having to worry about luggage, having someone else make my breakfast for me in the morning and coming home after a long day to find my […]

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