Healthy Halloween Candy to Pass to Trick or Treaters

I think that we can all agree that “candy” and “healthy” probably don’t go hand in hand. But there are candies out there that use better ingredients; free of artificial dyes, colors and even all organic ingredients. I always love the companies that also make their products easily accessible to me at a number of […]

Healthier Valentines Conversation Hearts

One of the largest manufacturers of conversation hearts says it produces eight billion of those tiny little hearts every year with 100,000 pounds of hearts sold every day between January and Valentine’s Day. You can actually make your own healthier Valentine’s Conversation Hearts right at home. Our conversation hearts boast natural food colors and flavorings, […]

English Toffee and Holiday Traditions

When I married into my husband’s family I was introduced to generations of food and family traditions. I’ve shared many of our holiday traditions on our website. There are some recipes I can share and others that are only to be passed between family members. There are many recipes that we have for Sunday dinners, […]

Homemade Gumdrops

It’s almost Easter and we are busy getting ready for the Easter bunny to com by making our own homemade gumdrops. Have you seen our Easter basket stuffer post? It has some fantastic ideas for non candy Easter baskets and organic, natural and even gluten free stocking stuffers. Today we are sharing a recipe for […]

Old Fashioned Salt Water Taffy

This year, give your Valentine a a gift made from the heart and the hands. Old fashioned salt water taffy is one of my favorite treats. This year we made taffy as a family. We had so much fun stretching, pulling and getting our hands sticky with taffy. In the end, it was all worth […]

Yum Earth Organics Giveaway!

Don’t let your stockings go unfilled without including some delicious organic candy from Yum Earth! Since fall has arrived, my early morning runs have turned into afternoon runs. The weather is warm and enjoyable by afternoon and the brightly colored leaves fall around us and crunch under our feet as we run. We? During the […]

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