Evolution of Spring Break + Squash

Day 1: Monday The Easter egg hunts are over, the kids are done hiding eggs over and over from each other and the trinkets and toys are either broken, eaten, or played with to the point that they now hold no more fun. The kids are tired, but still have lot’s of energy. With the […]

Ultimate Chicken Nachos

Because I’m a wee bit tired (understatement) from staying out late to watch the midnight premiere of Hunger Games, I fell to a backup recipe that our family loves and enjoys over and over again. What I mean is we eat it during football season. We devour it during basketball season. And sometimes we just […]

Spinach Chicken Cheese Scramble

I want to throw my shoe at the radio everytime I hear a weight loss commercial that has someone loosing nine pounds in a week. Since the baby came out eight months ago I’ve lost a total of nine pounds. With only like 15+ to go. No biggie. Not for lack of trying. I squeeze […]

Cranberry Spinach Walnut Cups

This weekend has been a whirlwind! I’ve decided I don’t want my kids to grow up, ever! I absolutely love Christmas and couldn’t imagine not being able to do all the fun things that Christmas brings. We went and took a horse drawn carriage through the Christmas lights and went to an old fashioned toy […]

Superbowl Nachos

This weekend I decided to try out some Superbowl recipes. Maybe I’m just anxious and excited for one of the best food days of the year. Or maybe I’m actually starting to get my appetite back. That would be a very nice thing to have back. Our little boy has made his own Superbowl predictions. […]

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