Gluten Free S’Mores Bars

Delicious gluten free s’mores bars taste great and bring in all the flavors of a summer campfire in a delicious  Here in Utah it’s a holiday today. I didn’t really grow up here so it’s just another day for me. Some of my jobs I’ve worked would give me the time off and celebrate as […]

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread + Food Allergy Substitutions

Life is just full of fun this week! Soccer season is starting back up again and this year I’m prepping for it. I’ve opted to pack two quilts, an umbrella, two beanies, hand and foot warmers and I even found these body warmers! I will NOT be complaining that I’m sitting through soccer games in […]

S’Mores Graham Cereal Squares

Today you are being introduced to our family’s favorite dessert. This dessert is addicting. Really addicting. It’s also a great dessert that’s easily adaptable and great for serving at summer outdoor parties as it will feed a large crowd. S’mores graham cereal squares need to go on your must make list. I was introduced many, […]

Naturally Sweetened Chocolate Cake in a Mug

Naturally sweetened chocolate cake in a mug is great for on days you have a serious chocolate craving and only takes two minutes to make! Life has been a rollercoaster. I feel like I’ve got pregnancy hormones but there is no way I’d be pregnant. The roller coaster of numb to mad to sad to […]

Double Chocolate Coconut Sugar Cookies

I went missing in action for a few days. It was good that I did really. Sometimes you just need to step away. Sometimes you just need to bake yourself some cookies and wallow away for a little bit in some chocolate therapy. Of course, life has seemed like one big case of chocolate therapy for me […]

Brownie Skillet

I think brownies are one of those chocolate necessities. Right up there with chocolate chip cookies, and a big old handful of chocolate chips. Pretty much any chocolate is fine. But brownies are up there for breakups, days you need a whole pan of chocolate to offset a bad day and the most intense chocolate […]

Gluten Free Peppermint Brownies

I’ve got packages being delivered today (fingers crossed they all make it), the food will be made, a morning run will be had and a trip to pick up the husband from the airport tonight will be thrown in there somewhere. Then it’s the house cleaning, packing and getting ready to fly out on Christmas […]

Hot Chocolate French Toast

I promised you a great recipe to go with Monday’s challah bread recipe and this recipe for hot chocolate french toast will not disappoint. I just can’t figure out what to call it. Dessert? Breakfast? Who cares! It’s delicious no matter when you eat it. And it can be made with healthier ingredients or good […]

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