Under an Hour Cinnamon Rolls

There are only several occasions a year I make these under an hour cinnamon rolls in our house and I can tell you they don’t last and they are big time business in our house since they are such special treats. Over the years I’ve learned that my family hates waiting for food in the […]

Easter Breakfast

Since Easter always falls on Sunday (and Sunday is our big breakfast day at our house) of course Easter becomes about breakfast! It’s traditionally filled with french toast, a breakfast cake, cinnamon rolls or bread. Something delicious and sweet. If you are watching your sugar intake ¬†you can sub out natural sugars like coconut sugar […]

Funky Named Food Week: Cin-a-Butt Cake

My little boy is in early elementary school. (Every person with a boy my little boys age please give a sigh of sympathy) Honestly they are wonderful. Full of energy! This year has been a whirlwind with him. A few visits to the principal’s office, messes and mini Lego or K’nex construction projects littering the […]

Old Fashioned Cinnamon Rolls

The best part of Easter morning? The breakfast!! Cinnamon rolls, eggs, bacon for the husband and fresh fruit for me! I call this recipe “old fashioned” because in my family Rhodes is the rule, not the exception. And while they do make a great cinnamon roll, this cinnamon roll is just as easy to make. […]

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