Dairy Free Hot Cocoa Cookies (+ Gluten Free Version)

Last week I wrote from the comfort of an airplane. The good news was on the trip home the kids only woke up one sleeping couple in front of us instead of the whole section of our plane this time. We’re making progress. (She may look sweet and innocent but LOVES to fight with her […]

Kid Friendly Gingerbread Cookies

These kid friendly gingerbread cookies have an amazing taste and delicious flavor. This is the perfect gingerbread cookie for the holidays! I love gingerbread cookies. They are the perfect cookie for winter. The combination of ginger and molasses brings together all the flavors of the winter season. So imagine my excitement that first year my […]

Tartine Bakery Shortbread Cookies

It’s time to get some holiday baking done. Cookies always seem to be one of those desserts that are a classic treat to give. They are always well received. At least by me. I’ll NEVER turn a cookie away! Today is a special day because I’m featuring a recipe from one special blogger as part […]

Homemade Pumpkin Nilla Wafers

Nilla wafer cookies get a makeover for the fall season with these homemade pumpkin nilla wafers.  There is something missing in the aisles. Everything has gone pumpkin. The orange jack o’lantern has grown from a mere 2.2 million dollar industry several years ago to close to 13 million in sales last year. But one little yellow box […]

Lemon Curd Snowball Cookies

Yes, the lemon curd is back. This time we made lemon curd snowball cookies. It was easy for me because I was able to make up a version I could eat and one the rest of the family could eat. It definetely made my life easy! This week my daughter is off to her first […]

Lemon Cake Mix Cookies {With Homemade Lemon Cake Mix}

So last week I shared a recipe for homemade lemon cake mix. And just because I was so excited that lemon season is around the corner, I couldn’t resist but make cookies with it. These lemon cake mix cookies are made with our homemade lemon cake mix. Simply pour your bag or jar of premade […]

Eggnog Frosting

Today I have the most AMAZING recipe for eggnog frosting. Eggnog frosting is so good when smeared over the top of a gingerbread cookie.  I’ve put it on gingerbread cookies, cupcakes, and a spoon. Little fingers may have swiped samples when I had my back turned. It’s way over the top and sends buttercream frosting packing. […]

Sugar Cookies with White Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

I often find that now that the word has gotten out that I actually can cook, people want me to cook for them. Recently our friends got married and we were asked to make a special dessert. After trying a spoonful of white chocolate buttercream frosting from a friend, I was hooked. HOOKED. I really […]

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