Healthier Marshmallow Creme

Did you know that you can actually make your own homemade marshmallow creme? I might still be considered “young” by our more mature generation and “old” by the younger generation, but let me tell you–it’s never too late to learn something new. It’s a great substitute for all those jars of sticky creme you buy. It’s simple […]

Easy Cupcake Label

An easy cupcake label for helping guests find their perfect flavor, plus an easy way to transport cupcakes!  Tasked with making cupcakes for my nieces birthday party, I had only one dilemna. Transporting them for an hour and a half car ride. And I had more cupcakes than cupcake holder containers. I’ve seen different methods […]

Lemon Cake Mix From Scratch

A recipe for classic lemon cake mix from scratch. Make this homemade lemon cake mix recipe now, enjoy it later! I really like to eat healthier foods but sometimes I’m just tired. Really tired. Bone tired. Life gets in the way and it can be tough to not resort to using a cake mix to save […]

Healthy Hot Cocoa Mix

Cold weather requires this: And if you’ve done the search on the internet, you know that a healthy hot cocoa mix is hard to come by. A really, REALLY good healthy hot chocolate mix. This one has been time tested, worked and re worked and is now comfortably given as holiday gifts, or stored in the […]

Homemade Almond Butter Chips (Homemade Peanut Butter Chips Too!)

Homemade baking chips are easy and simple to make. You wouldn’t think that they are but I promise they are. Promise. Fingers NOT crossed. These homemade almond butter chips take a few simple household staple ingredients to make, a wee bit of your time, and a freezer. (That’s not optional). Of course if you don’t want […]

Chocolate Glaze That Hardens

Finding a chocolate glaze that hardens can be tough. Ganaches are good but require heating up stuff on the stove. I just wanted a glaze I could dunk a cookie in or glaze a donut with. Was that too much to ask? It was. I tried a bunch of different chocolate glazes that claimed they would harden […]

{Trying It Tuesday} How to Bake A Hard Boiled Egg

I learned how to bake a hard boiled egg in the oven a couple of years ago when several sad attempts at boiling them in water went sour. There is an art to perfect boiled eggs, and I was fast learning that I wasn’t going to be able to do it using the stove top. […]

Vegan Sweetened Condensed Milk

With child #1, we went through a whole process of giving up foods–gluten, dairy, etc. in an effort to finally find out what was wrong with her. She ended up having megacolon, a painful thing to watch her go through her first few years of her life but a relatively easy treatment. Child #2 was […]

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