DIY Halloween Dog House Treat Station

A MESSAGE FROM US (THE DOGS): This year has not only been a tough one on everyone, but for us dogs too. 2020 started off with those nasty fireworks and our owners trudging off to work in the cold winter months. But then spring came, the leaves started blooming and something happened…our owners started to […]

Natural Eucalyptus Ornaments

I love Christmas and this year will be a special one. Since we have a new tree, these beautiful natural eucalyptus ornaments are simple and easy to make but look amazing on any tree. They look gorgeous and can be made for your tree, winter wedding favors or holiday neighbor gifts. If you are looking […]

Cute Cupcake Bath Bombs–All Natural!!

This Valentine’s Day will be a wee bit bitter for me. This week I get to shell out some serious money for a little one who does not like to go to the dentist or doctor. So instead of candy, we are making Valentine’s Day cupcake bath bombs and hot cocoa bath bombs. I’m not […]

Natural Kool Aid Lip Gloss

Natural Kool Aid lip gloss is a fun, inexpensive gift for Christmas presents or birthday party favors. Made with all natural ingredients!  My youngest is our YouTube craft program watcher. I’ve mentioned her “crafting” skills many, many, many times on here and Instagram. She saw a recipe for Kool Aid lip gloss and she thought–hmm…I […]

Homemade Sleeping Diaper Babies

‘Tis the season for babies to begin arriving. While searching for ideas for baby showers, we came across this cute idea for making homemade sleeping diaper babies. These adorable “babies” looked so hard to make but were actually incredibly easy. We were done and ready for the baby shower in 20 minutes! Our friend is […]

Easy Pirate Birthday Cake (With Hidden Treasures, Arrr!)

Ahoy! We hope you didn’t miss our healthy baby birthday cake on Wednesday because today we’ve got something even more fun planned for you–the accompanying (not healthy) Pirate Birthday cake. Since it was for my sister’s son, she wanted a Jake and the Neverland Pirate cake. Inside the cake are some hidden pirate treasures–arrr!! For […]

DIY Heartbeat Pillow for Puppies, Kittens and Babies

When you bring home a new puppy, it can be a lot like bringing home a new baby. Expect sleepless nights. Those wonderful outdoor trips to the outdoor restroom facilities where you dance around in freezing weather while the puppy takes it’s sweet time finding the perfect potty spot.  And you get to do this […]

Flower Seed Paper Bouquet {Mother’s Day}

Mother’s Day is this weekend and today I’ve got an easy craft that is simple and fun to make! This Flower Seed Paper is so pretty. Really fun, because you get to make a MESS!!! You only need four things: Flower seed packets, colored scrapbook paper, water and peat pots. Give it to that special […]

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