The Random Pictures From My Soon to Be RIP Samsung S7

The time is coming soon when I will need to send my phone to it’s final resting place. The phone has become a sore subject in the house as I have now taken over a year to decide what kind of phone I want to buy. I just can’t decide, I HATE going through the […]

15+ Quick, Easy and Creative No Food Valentine’s Day Class Handout Ideas

I told you I am DONE with candy this year after my traumatic experience at the dentist. This year though, I also have your back if you have procrastinated until the last minute to get your Valentine’s Day gifts in order and are now trying to find a quick, easy and creative no food Valentine’s […]

Cinnamon Pinecones

Call me crazy but as you read this I’m sitting on an airplane. Alone. With three kids. By myself. I flew them out with me by myself, we spent the day in the city until my husband could fly in later that night, spent the weekend in San Francisco together and then I flew the […]

DIY Glow in the Dark Traffic Light

Are you having your kids tell you they are b-0-r-e-d before lunchtime now? This DIY glow in the dark traffic light is a simple and easy toy to make and will help their imagination! My almost soon to be nine year old son made this for his little sister’s birthday. She loves to ride her […]

Chocolate Gold Medal

We are so excited that the Olympics are starting this week! Are you ready? We have a great edible craft project that will be perfect for watching your favorite Olympic events!! It takes just a few minutes to make and they are so much fun to eat. You can see someone had a little bite […]

Top 10 Crafts & Miscellaneous Posts of 2013

This year we did something a little different on the website–we posted more about ourselves. The gifts we gave away, the parties we threw, and went more in depth about some of the things we dealt with living with a chronic illness. Thanks for reading, and come back Friday to see what our personal favorites […]

{Trying it Tuesday} Homemade Puffy Paint

There are fun projects, and then their are REALLY fun projects. I have to say that this homemade recipe for puffy paint probably tops the list of fun. It’s squishy, gooey and fun to create with. And what kid doesn’t love that? For our colors, we went with Easter colors, but you could choose any […]

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