#18 and the Teenager Who Rationed His Insulin to Save His Parents Money Prompts This Memory And Plea

On the news, an article ran this week that talked about a boy here in Utah who had rationed his insulin in an effort to save money for his family. My ex did that, and it could’ve been what cost him his life. His life with his kids, his family, his friends and our relationship. Possibly. I could pine away today. Today would’ve been my […]

Embrace the Suck

This picture definetely sums up our life right now. There are days we desperately try to hold on to whatever shred of sun we can, but we can see that wall of clouds and darkness coming towards us. And while we know the storm won’t last long, it’s a definite sign that the day will […]

Diabetes and Marriage. Defining “In Sickness and in Health” and When Is It OK to Say You’re Done?

Diabetes and marriage or dealing with a chronic illness and marriage can bring some extremely tough situations and issues. What does it mean by “in sickness and in health” in your marital vows and is there a time that you are justified for saying ‘I’ve had enough! I’m done!’  When my Dad was in his […]

Diabetes Technology–Too Much of a Good Thing?

Diabetes techonology continues to expand and grow at a rapid rate. There are plenty of apps and gadgets meant to help, but how do you allow your partner or spouse with diabetes to continue to maintain some independence while also embracing technology meant to help you or other family members help if they need it? […]

The One Thing You Can Tell Your Insurance Company

Fourteen years of fighting insurance companies over hospital bills, insulin supplies and other fun things sometimes can bring you to the brink of insanity. Okay, maybe I am now alittle insane after listening to elevator hold music for twenty minutes at a time while I’m put on hold, or waiting for a live human being […]

“We’d Expect to See This…”–Diabetes Complications are Knocking

In a couple of years phrases like “we’re surprised we aren’t seeing more complications” have been replaced with “we’d expect to see this with how long you’ve had diabetes” after a few minor diabetes complications and hiccups. How does one go from being an anomaly to average?  What does diabetes look like after thirty years? For us […]

A Panic Attack, A Bug, And a Hospital–Diabetes Love!

There are some things in our marriage that I will never be able to relate with my husband on. Panic attacks from low blood sugars from his Type 1 diabetes would be one of them. Everything was great. We got home from our family reunion and crossed fingers that the little bug that went around […]

Cutting Insulin in Half

It’s the one appointment per year that you just dread. Most of the time I send my husband to the doctor and get the updated report from him when he returns. This time because of changes in insurance I accompanied him. With an insulin pump ready to die on us any day I’m usually the […]

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