The Big “D”

Maybe it’s because my husband has been unemployed for over a year and this year just seems harder. Maybe it’s because every little bill seems like an unsurmountable obstacle. Maybe it’s that life gets more expensive the older everyone gets. But this year, the Big “D” just seems impossibly unbearable. Christmas is an expensive time […]

When We {Finally} Win the Lottery, I’m Hiring My Own…

Sometimes it’s nice to lay in bed dreaming, isn’t it? My husband’s recurring daydream seems to always be what to do when we win the lottery. He has the lottery winning amounts planned out in his head and how much he would allot to family, friends, our new house, cars (of course!) and what we […]

Diabetes Awareness Month Photo a Day #dmpad

It’s Diabetes Awareness Month and the next few days themes are “sweet” and “happy.” I can’t think of anything sweeter or happier than a fall day. I was able to catch my two youngest playing in the fall leaves before the sun went down one night. They were supposed to be raking, but how can […]

World Diabetes Day #wdd

Today is World Diabetes Day. It’s one of our favorite days because the nation goes blue in honor of diabetes awareness. Our kids always have a blast looking at pictures of some of the largest buildings in our nation light up in honor of a family member they are close to. We love our Dad […]

Slow Cooker Cranberry Sauce

Make the holidays easier by cooking this fresh cranberry sauce in your slow cooker!  The holidays are going to be tough this year. We are not sure if we will be gone, here or spending it with family. It’s going to be tough but wherever we spend it we will be fun because we are […]

Diabetes Month Photo A Day #dmpad

November marks Diabetes Awareness Month. This year members of the diabetes community are marking diabetes month by taking a different photo a day marking how diabetes affects every aspect of their life–and more importantly who it is affects. Today’s theme is blue. Since I love watching basketball and my husband loves watching football and basketball […]

Eight Insulin Pump Sites in Four Days

The end of the summer went out with a bang. We spent the last shreds of summer before school started in one of our favorite places, Saint George, Utah. Luckily we have family that lives there making it easier for us to go. This time our trip wasn’t a vacation. We were helping family move […]

Anatomy of a Low Blood Sugar

What happens when you are heading off for a trip and have a low blood sugar at the airport? A race, an ill placed Coke machine and first class seating.  With the first security line packed my husband and I opted to race to the next security gate hoping to get through before our flight […]

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