DIY Halloween Dog House Treat Station

A MESSAGE FROM US (THE DOGS): This year has not only been a tough one on everyone, but for us dogs too. 2020 started off with those nasty fireworks and our owners trudging off to work in the cold winter months. But then spring came, the leaves started blooming and something happened…our owners started to […]

Grilled Coconut Pineapple Lime Upside Down Cake

Gluten Free

This weekend was pretty busy. And all weekend I craved pineapples! This grilled coconut pineapple lime upside down cake creation just sounded so good! I was also thinking about this design idea too. I think it would be perfect for reusing old swingsets that are just sitting in the backyard because the kids are getting […]

BurntApple Top Reader Favorites from 2019!

This is the time of year we turn the mic over to you. These are YOUR favorite recipes and articles from 2019! We’ve listed the top 10 here for you: 10. Jamba Orange Dream Machine Recipe This year has brought two sets of braces, one spacer (due to LOT’S of sugar bugs) and one root […]

How to Make Fake Snow

This is the only snow that I like–fake snow. I can remember as a kid Knott’s Berry Farm would bring in fake snow for sledding. My parents grew up back east as little kids and loved to show us what snow was like growing up. It was cold, wet, and ick. I hated it. Not […]

Natural Eucalyptus Ornaments

I love Christmas and this year will be a special one. Since we have a new tree, these beautiful natural eucalyptus ornaments are simple and easy to make but look amazing on any tree. They look gorgeous and can be made for your tree, winter wedding favors or holiday neighbor gifts. If you are looking […]

Thursday’s Thoughts: Building a Catio

Catio. I had NEVER heard that word until I visited my mom this past weekend. And then my fingers experienced exactly how to build a catio while trying to cut through my fish dinner that night. Of course, my mother labeled it as a couple of hour at the most project that turned into an […]

Natural Kool Aid Lip Gloss

Natural Kool Aid lip gloss is a fun, inexpensive gift for Christmas presents or birthday party favors. Made with all natural ingredients!  My youngest is our YouTube craft program watcher. I’ve mentioned her “crafting” skills many, many, many times on here and Instagram. She saw a recipe for Kool Aid lip gloss and she thought–hmm…I […]

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