DIY Halloween Dog House Treat Station

A MESSAGE FROM US (THE DOGS): This year has not only been a tough one on everyone, but for us dogs too. 2020 started off with those nasty fireworks and our owners trudging off to work in the cold winter months. But then spring came, the leaves started blooming and something happened…our owners started to […]

Charlie the Ranch Dog Birthday Party The Pioneer Woman

My youngest has loved dogs since she was young. We’ve had almost every type of dog themed birthday you can imagine minus the one year we threw her a tea party. I mean, we’ve even done a dog DNA reveal party! This year while we were walking through Walmart, I saw The Pioneer Woman’s Charlie […]

Dog Themed Bedroom For Girls Boys or Teens

When we moved into our new home, I knew my dog loving daughter would want a dog themed bedroom. But when we look at bedroom designs and things that they want to have in their bedroom, I’m one that wants to make sure that they have a bedroom they are going to be able to […]

Allie’s Dog DNA Reveal Party

Allie became a permanent fixture in our home when my ex husband passed away. The kids told me that Allie was a havapoo–a combination of havenese and poodle. But Allie doesn’t really look like a havapoo. She has a much longer body and she looks more like a weinerpoo or chihuahuapoo. I had been talking […]

Tips for Entertaining Your Dog While Injured Or Recovering

Saturday was the perfect running day. At ten years old, my german shorthair pointer still outruns me–especially on canyon runs. We mix up her workouts a lot–some walks, some hikes, some runs. But her canyon runs are her favorite and very early on Saturday mornings she’s up and in my face ready to go. She […]

The Random Pictures From My Soon to Be RIP Samsung S7

The time is coming soon when I will need to send my phone to it’s final resting place. The phone has become a sore subject in the house as I have now taken over a year to decide what kind of phone I want to buy. I just can’t decide, I HATE going through the […]

Secret Life of Pets 2 Birthday Party Ideas

Looking for Secret Life of Pets 2 Birthday Party Ideas? Here you go! We had a wonderful birthday this past weekend for a special girl. She loves her dogs and of course wanted to go with a dog themed birthday party. Since Secret Life of Pets 2 just came out, we did a movie theater […]

Thursday’s Thoughts: Signs Your Dog is Annoyed at You

Written by: The Family Dog There was an article on a website entitled “7 Signs Your Dog Might Be Annoyed With You.” It basically went on to debunk the myth that dogs can get annoyed at you but I am here to say that there is a certain dog (me) who shall remain nameless that […]

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