Gluten Free Banana Bread for One

  This gluten free banana bread for one is ready in thirty minutes and is the perfect portion!  When you are the only one who is eating gluten free or with dietary restrictions it can be really hard to make yourself an entire loaf of bread or an entire cake. For one thing, you just […]

Pheasant and Wild Rice

For those who like to hunt (I’m out!) pheasant hunting season has just come to a close and hopefully your freezer is stocked with birds. My husband loves to take our german shorthair pointer Chelsea out. She is an amazing dog and always wants to catch the bird (or the cat that comes to visit […]

Carob Peanut Butter Gourmet Dog Cookies Recipe

Walking into the dog store the other day threw my three year old off. In one section of the pet store stood an entire display of gourmet dog cookies. She thought we had walked into a bakery and sobbed when we had to leave. She was convinced we should not have left without getting a […]

Dog Gastrointestinal Problems

My dog could probably tell you some stories about our family. Of course, we could tell you about her. Dog gastrointestinal problems are real and can be helped a lot with a few simple tips.  If my dog could talk. (I’m actually grateful that she can’t). Because she could probably tell you that she can’t tell […]

What to Pack For a Long Run with a Dog

Once a week I load up my german shorthair pointer and we head up the canyon for our long run. She gets very upset if she’s not allowed to come on any of my runs. In fact, if I have a rest day she will park herself by the back door until I have to leave somewhere […]

The $35 Couch Fix

A cheap couch repair that only takes a couple of hours of time and just a few dollars of your budget. A simple and easy couch fix! For the past fourteen years our couches have served us well. They were comfortable day one. (A bonus for hours of Sunday football). Over the years they began […]

Peanut Butter and Banana Frozen Dog Treats

These peanut butter and banana frozen dog treats taste great and are great for keeping the dogs cool during the “dog days” of summer. I’ll admit it. I may have bought those expensive Frosty Paws dog treats that tempt me with guilt from the ice cream section of the store. The dogs love them. And I […]

Gourmet Dog Treat Recipe

During Christmas, we went to one of our favorite local pet stores. My little two year old loved the little gourmet dog treats. The lady at the store gave her one to give to her little dog at home. (Mainly because Mom said “no” to spending $5.99 for a little dog cookie).  That little dog […]

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