Premade Kids Organic Easter Baskets

Inexpensive and fun premade organic easter baskets are sure to bring a smile to the bunny delivering them to your child on Easter!  I get so many emails to highlight products. Most of them I discard because while cool, I am always looking for something really innovative and interesting. Before I ever say “yes” I […]

Peeps Oreo Ice Cream

I found my Easter vice. Peeps Oreos. I can’t have the cookie, but I tried some of the frosting and it is amazing! It has little sprinkle bits inside and has the taste of Oreo filling with just a hint of marshmallow. It is good. The weather has heated up and this weekend the kids […]

Bunny Cookie Cupcakes

Today I’m taking a break to paint our house–ick! and get some other household chores done around the house. So my daughter is jumping in and sharing a beautiful Easter Bunny Cookie Cupcake recipe that she made from scratch. She is learning that the art of photographing, posting, developing a recipe and amplifying her post […]

Carrot Cake Pancakes with Maple Cream Cheese Syrup

Carrot cake pancakes with maple cream cheese syrup make for a delicious springtime brunch recipe or Easter breakfast. Easy to make ahead and freeze!  “Honeeeeeey!” No it wasn’t ME calling my husband for help. (Although I did that this morning when one of those plastic tumblers fell through the garbage disposal opening and I needed […]

Baked Carrot Cake Donuts {Gluten Free}

A little bunny is coming soon and bringing lot’s of yummy treats. These delicious baked carrot cake donuts are made with coconut flour making them gluten free. Your little bunnies with allergies will enjoy these Easter morning. And even those that don’t will devour them like mine did. While coconut flour can be a challenging […]

25 Healthy Leftover Ham Recipes

25 delicious healthy leftover ham recipes sure to make your mouth water. Try an egg, ham and asparagus pizza,  healthy ham fried rice or 23 other great tasting healthy ham recipes!  Those little marshmallow bunnies that looked and tasted so delicious yesterday aren’t looking so good today. Neither do the jelly beans, the Cadbury mini […]

Secret Ingredient Easter M&M Cookies

When I first saw this recipe at Rookie Cook, I thought NO WAY DID SHE ADD THAT to her chocolate chip cookies. There was no way that she could add an ingredient like that and not get people to taste it. Challenge accepted. The Easter M&M cookie I made a couple of years ago was […]

Homemade Gumdrops

It’s almost Easter and we are busy getting ready for the Easter bunny to com by making our own homemade gumdrops. Have you seen our Easter basket stuffer post? It has some fantastic ideas for non candy Easter baskets and organic, natural and even gluten free stocking stuffers. Today we are sharing a recipe for […]

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