Perfect Bar + My Morning Workout and This Weekend

Most mornings I am off to the gym before the sun comes up. The dog now barely moves her head when I get up. During the summer she comes to attention, knowing if it’s morning that means we are heading for her morning jog before the sun comes out and it gets too hot. Now […]

Saturday Morning Run

The sun peeks up over the mountains and I get the familiar itch to head out to the canyon for my morning run. It’s Saturday morning and it’s time to get out and run. This week has been tough with the move and the kids schedules and my own schoolwork that’s been on my plate. […]

The Real Cost of Running

Once the mileage creeps up on your runs the money spent on all those “miscellaneous” items can creep up too. We’ll explore the real cost of running and how to save money on the products you need.  Strap on a pair of shoes and start running, right? That worked for awhile but once the mileage […]

Just Dance This Holiday Season!

When I was a kid, my parents never let me have a video game system. I used to go over to my friends to play her er, first or second edition Mario Brothers game. I know, I just dated myself, big time! For my parents, they always wanted us kids to be out and about playing […]

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