FODMAP Diet Week 6&7. I Want Ice Cream!!

I finally recovered from my birthday week and am feeling much better. I’ve been able to eat, EAT!! I can’t tell you how much I love to eat. This popcorn has had to go. I cannot buy it anymore. I eat it by the entire bag fulls when I do. And if the kids try […]

Summer Photos {2015}

Summer is just getting started but we’ve already had a busy time! Here are a few glimpses from our┬ásummer so far: I love a good desert sunset… Can’t even tell you how many years we’ve been coming to Papa and Grandma’s house hoping to get a picture of one of these cute little jackrabbits… Visiting […]

Our Path To Our New Home

Buying a new home can bring it’s challenges. We’ve spent many years fixing up our current home, building equity in it and getting it ready to move into our next home. This new home will be different. Now we’ve got several kids, a bustling busy household that is always on the go and the central […]

Spring Photos {2015}

This spring has been so fun. Last year our littlest wouldn’t even touch a bug and this year her obsession has gone a little…overboard. Roly Poly’s and worms are her bugs of choice. And we’ve found plenty of them while digging dirt in anticipation of laying some concrete in the backyard and sideyard this spring. […]

Holiday Greetings from Us!

Hoping your family enjoy a safe and wonderful holiday season. Happy Holiday Greetings from us!   Yup, not one serious photo from that boy. And he tried taking the little one down with him.  

Frostys for Families

There are over 100,000 kids every year in Foster Care that need good homes and families. I know this because I was ready and willing to adopt one. Twelve years ago I was told that it would take us years to get pregnant given some of the health conditions I had. It didn’t, but the […]

New Year’s Tree

Yes, I totally copied this idea of a New Year’s Tree from here. But there was a good reason to start this New Year’s tradition. This year we opted to get our tree the day before Christmas Eve. As we pulled into the tree lot, the attendants were loading up trees to head to the […]

Eight Insulin Pump Sites in Four Days

The end of the summer went out with a bang. We spent the last shreds of summer before school started in one of our favorite places, Saint George, Utah. Luckily we have family that lives there making it easier for us to go. This time our trip wasn’t a vacation. We were helping family move […]

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