Cranberry Spinach Walnut Cups

This weekend has been a whirlwind! I’ve decided I don’t want my kids to grow up, ever! I absolutely love Christmas and couldn’t imagine not being able to do all the fun things that Christmas brings. We went and took a horse drawn carriage through the Christmas lights and went to an old fashioned toy […]

Toasted Tuscan Walnut Pizza

First off, thanks for all the suggestions on my broken garbage disposal. I’ve had several lectures in the past few days about what I can and cannot put down the garbage disposal. My husband also fixed the garbage disposal for me when I was out one evening. Yeah! Back to working, digestable order.¬†Or something like […]

Pomegrante Salad

Friday was leftover day. Do you sense a trend with me? I’ll buy a few of the same ingredients and then make several different meals with them in order to save myself time and money. My pomegrante expiration date was rapidly approaching, and I had tons of walnuts left over from making butterscotch cookies. (The […]

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