COVID-19 Daily At Home School Schedule + Thank You From Our Family

This COVID-19 daily at home school schedule is perfect for elementary to high school aged students. We also provided links to non screen activities for elementary to high school aged students and ideas for specialties classes and school counseling online character ed classes too! It is amazing how much things can change in a weeks […]

10 Allergy Friendly Sick Day Foods And Staples To Keep Around the House

We are just coming out of cold and flu season and entering into summer time when the cousins get together and so do the germs! These allergy friendly sick day foods and staples are easy to store and bring along on any trip! These allergy friendly foods for the stomach flu or allergy friendly foods […]

Sick This Holiday Season? Cut Out This…

It’s the most favorite ingredient of the year…SUGAR! After our family survived a week of stomach flu and illness, our doctor gave us a piece of great advice. Cut down on one ingredient in your diet this holiday season….SUGAR.  My reply? Are. You. Serious???? Ugh! There are too many good treats to eat this time […]

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