FODMAP Diet Week 5: “It’s My Birthday and I’ll Pout If I Want To!”

This week is my birthday. It’s also my husband’s birthday and my daughter’s birthday this week and the cake and ice cream flow! Except for me. I am not enjoying this week at all. In fact I almost tackled a woman who stood by me with a greasy, cheesy Little Caesar’s pizza. I don’t even […]

Following the FODMAP Diet: Weeks 1-4

Since October of last year, I have┬áreally struggled. In January my stomach felt so bad that I was taken in for a colonoscopy. I was having horrible stomach aches and spasms and would feel like my stomach was on fire after eating. Sometimes just eating a sandwich would feel like the equivalent of eating a […]

Allergy Friendly Waffle Recipe {AIP, Paleo, FODMAP, Gluten Free, Dairy Free}

At first glance, Jimmy Fallon’s “ew” might come to mind when thinking of an allergy friendly waffle recipe. And I get it. I do. It was mine too. But this waffle recipe is amazing. AMAZING. I’m not just saying that. The waffles are light, fluffy and have perfectly crispy edges with a hint of sweet […]

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