High Protein Cinnamon Roll Quick Bread Recipe

What a President’s Day Weekend! My house was overrun with teenage boys and sleepovers. Trying to entertain and feed them all was lot’s of fun too. To keep me fueled I made sure that I had a loaf of this high protein cinnamon roll quick bread on hand to eat. In all honesty the boys […]

Gluten Free Dairy Free Vegan Elegant Gourmet Desserts

 Create beautiful elegant gluten free dairy free vegan gourmet desserts at home! Be the star of your own cooking show at home and enjoy restaurant chef quality desserts! The inspiration behind this post started with Netflix. And then the new dessert restaurant that opened down the street. I love watching shows like Nailed It and […]

Dog Truffles for Valentine’s Day

I can’t believe that my most unfavorite holiday is just around the corner. But my faithful sidekick enjoys any excuse to enjoy a treat including these delicious carob dog truffles for Valentine’s Day.  They are good enough for human consumption too. i sampled them. My mom and dad always tried to pass off carob as […]

Garlic Herb Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner

This garlic herb chicken sheet pan dinner is one way to start the year off right eating healthy. One pan or one pot meals are extremely easy to make and take very little prep time. It’s also a very easy way to make a healthy meal. Often if there are extras I’ll use them for […]

Top 10 Crafts & Miscellaneous Posts of 2013

This year we did something a little different on the website–we posted more about ourselves. The gifts we gave away, the parties we threw, and went more in depth about some of the things we dealt with living with a chronic illness. Thanks for reading, and come back Friday to see what our personal favorites […]

Eating My Way Through San Francisco

Eleven years ago I was married. We honeymooned in the most beautiful city–San Francisco, California. The problem? I only remember the toilet of our hotel room. Perhaps the stress of the wedding, or a bug plagued me our entire honeymoon. My husband dubbed it the most ┬ácelibant honeymoon ever. I remember the wonderful staff offering […]

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