Hiking Arches National Park + Camping Solo with Kids

I’ve made mention on this website before that each year with the kids I do something with them that they love to do. (But…I don’t). Camping and horses are those two things. My kids LOVE those things. For the past several years my son has been telling me that I need to up my camping […]

Lightlife Smart Dogs Summer Cooking

100 degree days have hit! The dog days of summer are officially here. Staying cool has been top priority with the kids. We take daily trips to the pool, park ourselves by the air conditioner or run through the sprinklers. This is the first summer in several years that I’ve been able to stay at […]

Santa Cruz Organic® Agua Fresca + Lipstick Fail

Milestone years are tough. She’s now graduated from preschool. Her best friend is her baby. They share everything. Even makeup tips. (She’s still learning. We hope she perfects her art by junior high). And she’s got to keep fueled. We keep her going with healthy snacks like Santa Cruz Organic® apple sauce pouches and Santa Cruz Organic® […]

Running with E-Hydrate

  You can tell the days are heating up. My first long run in the heat was pretty brutal and I felt sick for several hours after it even though I had tried to stay hydrated. The water fountains on the trail haven’t been turned on yet this season and I forgot to pack water. […]

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