25 Healthy Leftover Ham Recipes

25 delicious healthy leftover ham recipes sure to make your mouth water. Try an egg, ham and asparagus pizza,  healthy ham fried rice or 23 other great tasting healthy ham recipes!  Those little marshmallow bunnies that looked and tasted so delicious yesterday aren’t looking so good today. Neither do the jelly beans, the Cadbury mini […]

Ham and Cornmeal Cakes

Our Easter holiday is pretty typical. It always includes a ham, rolls, some sort of green beans and potatoes. It’s low key and traditional. Any sort of deviation from the norm is cause for outcries from the family. We stick to the norm on holidays–period. However, the meals I serve after the holidays can be deviated […]

Ham and White Bean Soup

With the flu going around our family and the extra mild spring temperatures lately, it was time for some soup. I had a leftover ham bone that I’ve been wanting to use up, and everyone being sick was the perfect opportunity to use it up. Yes, I could’ve gone with chicken noodle, but this just […]

Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

It’s finally here. Fall. The leaves are starting to fall, the weather has turned colder and the cravings for soup have started. I have never been a big soup eater. But my husband and kids love it. And I have grown to love it. This chicken and wild rice soup is much creamier than I […]

Ham and Swiss Quiche

This is one of our Sunday morning breakfast favorites. We kind of have a lot of rotating Sunday morning favorites. This is definetely one of them. I love the pie crust and quiche combination, and even the kids enjoy it! It’s a great quiche for beginners hesitant to try quiche. I’ve never been a big fan of […]

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