#18 and the Teenager Who Rationed His Insulin to Save His Parents Money Prompts This Memory And Plea

On the news, an article ran this week that talked about a boy here in Utah who had rationed his insulin in an effort to save money for his family. My ex did that, and it could’ve been what cost him his life. His life with his kids, his family, his friends and our relationship. Possibly. I could pine away today. Today would’ve been my […]

Could the Heat Be Killing Your Appetite? Weight Loss in the Summer

If you’ve got a job that keeps you outdoors in the summer, trying to keep weight on in the summer can be difficult. Weight loss in the summer can be a real problem for those who work on a daily basis in the heat or participate in extreme sports in the summer. My husband worked […]

Following the FODMAP Diet: Weeks 1-4

Since October of last year, I have¬†really struggled. In January my stomach felt so bad that I was taken in for a colonoscopy. I was having horrible stomach aches and spasms and would feel like my stomach was on fire after eating. Sometimes just eating a sandwich would feel like the equivalent of eating a […]

Sick This Holiday Season? Cut Out This…

It’s the most favorite ingredient of the year…SUGAR! After our family survived a week of stomach flu and illness, our doctor gave us a piece of great advice. Cut down on one ingredient in your diet this holiday season….SUGAR.¬† My reply? Are. You. Serious???? Ugh! There are too many good treats to eat this time […]

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