Thursdays Thoughts: Sick of Terms Like ‘Victim Shaming’ and ‘#MeToo?’ See it From a Different Perspective

Over the 4th of July holiday the story of McKenzie Lueck was a top headline around the nation but especially in the state of Utah. A 20-something University student went missing and was found dead several weeks later. Simple case? Not really. A Lyft driver picked her up in the middle of the night from […]

The Random Pictures From My Soon to Be RIP Samsung S7

The time is coming soon when I will need to send my phone to it’s final resting place. The phone has become a sore subject in the house as I have now taken over a year to decide what kind of phone I want to buy. I just can’t decide, I HATE going through the […]

Thursday’s Thoughts: She’s Gone

My heart hurts to even write this. I’m struggling. The past two months have been the absolute hardest for me. The end of the school year brought no break between work and the kids crazy schedules. And then June emotionally has been extremely tough although it has brought some very sweet moments as well as […]

Secret Life of Pets 2 Birthday Party Ideas

Looking for Secret Life of Pets 2 Birthday Party Ideas? Here you go! We had a wonderful birthday this past weekend for a special girl. She loves her dogs and of course wanted to go with a dog themed birthday party. Since Secret Life of Pets 2 just came out, we did a movie theater […]

Thursday’s Thoughts: Top 3 Most Influential Men

This Father’s Day is going to be rough. Really rough. I know that I’ll be in PJ’s most of the day and probably at some point and time during the day we will break out the pints for the kids. (I mean THESE types of pints). Father’s Day is tough for me. My Dad was […]

How to Get FREE Money Testing Driving Cars with Your Teenager

It was inevitable that I would have a 16 year old. I dreaded the day. DREADED. I also thought her first car would be in the bag. No worries. Her dad was a car guy. He had a car bought for her before he passed away but he never had the chance to dive into […]

Yes, You Are Compassionately Insensitive But Here’s How to Fix It…

Being in the health and nutrition world now for years it’s funny to watch different buzz words pop up each year. This year would be “keto” but then there was “high protein,” “chia,” “quinoa” and on and on. I work professionally in the world of psychology and counseling and we have our own buzz words […]

What to Do If You Have 24 Hours in Park City

My Mom was conspiring against me. Operation Get Me to Relax was starting behind my back. The kids were in on it. My boyfriend was too. The kids weren’t thrilled, but they were on board and definetely knew that I was needing some time away. As a counselor and now as a post-divorce widow your […]

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