Thursday’s Thoughts: Top 3 Most Influential Men

This Father’s Day is going to be rough. Really rough. I know that I’ll be in PJ’s most of the day and probably at some point and time during the day we will break out the pints for the kids. (I mean THESE types of pints). Father’s Day is tough for me. My Dad was […]

How to Get FREE Money Testing Driving Cars with Your Teenager

It was inevitable that I would have a 16 year old. I dreaded the day. DREADED. I also thought her first car would be in the bag. No worries. Her dad was a car guy. He had a car bought for her before he passed away but he never had the chance to dive into […]

Yes, You Are Compassionately Insensitive But Here’s How to Fix It…

Being in the health and nutrition world now for years it’s funny to watch different buzz words pop up each year. This year would be “keto” but then there was “high protein,” “chia,” “quinoa” and on and on. I work professionally in the world of psychology and counseling and we have our own buzz words […]

What to Do If You Have 24 Hours in Park City

My Mom was conspiring against me. Operation Get Me to Relax was starting behind my back. The kids were in on it. My boyfriend was too. The kids weren’t thrilled, but they were on board and definetely knew that I was needing some time away. As a counselor and now as a post-divorce widow your […]

Gluten Free French Gourmet Dinner + First Dance

Her first dance is in the books. And it was a lot of work! For this dinner since her date is gluten free, we made a gluten free french gourmet dinner and dessert that matched what the others were eating. When my daughter came home earlier that week she talked about what the menu was […]

The Answers Are Coming

Growing up, my dad always had a unique way of teaching us something. Trial by fire. He never had a lot of patience to sit down and teach us and show us something so he would quickly give directions and then yell at the top of his lungs when he found something you were doing […]

Cute Cupcake Bath Bombs–All Natural!!

This Valentine’s Day will be a wee bit bitter for me. This week I get to shell out some serious money for a little one who does not like to go to the dentist or doctor. So instead of candy, we are making Valentine’s Day cupcake bath bombs and hot cocoa bath bombs. I’m not […]

#18 and the Teenager Who Rationed His Insulin to Save His Parents Money Prompts This Memory And Plea

On the news, an article ran this week that talked about a boy here in Utah who had rationed his insulin in an effort to save money for his family. My ex did that, and it could’ve been what cost him his life. His life with his kids, his family, his friends and our relationship. Possibly. I could pine away today. Today would’ve been my […]

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