Yes! We Still Make The Recipes We Post+ Our Top 2019 Favorites

The number one question I usually get from people is “do you even eat the recipes again after you post them?” My answer is “yes!” But we definetely have our favorites too. This post takes some of your favorites that didn’t make the top 10 list and shows how these recipes still make it onto […]

#18 and the Teenager Who Rationed His Insulin to Save His Parents Money Prompts This Memory And Plea

On the news, an article ran this week that talked about a boy here in Utah who had rationed his insulin in an effort to save money for his family. My ex did that, and it could’ve been what cost him his life. His life with his kids, his family, his friends and our relationship. Possibly. I could pine away today. Today would’ve been my […]

{Thursday’s Thoughts} Traveling With Diabetes

Ever traveled with diabetes? I haven’t. Not really anyway. The past month has been an eye opener to me. With my husband gone for almost a month, life has been fully of constant worry, stress and shuffling kids from one activity to the next by myself. Monday morning we would make the trek to the […]

9 in 9 Years

Nine in Nine Years. Not a great record. For a garbage disposal. My husband flipped on the garbage disposal last night only to hear the ominous buzz of the motor, but not the familiar grinding of food. Immediately, “Are you freaking kidding me? Traaaaaci–do you realize this is the ninth garbage disposal you’ve ruined in […]

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