My Experience with Gluten Free Meal Delivery Services

I’ve had this curiosity¬†about meal delivery services for a long time. How simple and easy would it be to point, click and have dinner delivered to my door? All I would have to do is spend twenty minutes mixing up the ingredients and dinner would be served. As my kids eat different than I do, […]

Blake’s Pot Pies

When I started on this whole gluten free journey, I remember someone recommending Blake’s Gluten Free Chicken Pot Pies to me. I had tried A LOT of expensive gluten free frozen dinners and didn’t have much hope for an inexpensive $3 pot pie. What I found was the pie was not only amazing, but I […]

The Kissing Cousin Syndrome

Isn’t this just the cutest picture? Cousins all curled up on the couch together. The holidays are the best. Family memories are built and thankfully the kids only remember the best parts of their time together. The parents? We love the memories and the time together. But the kissing cousins syndrome? Not so much. Our […]

Himalaya Organic

I often say that my job is the best. I get to be a Mom, I work with kids all day helping them reach their goals, and I get to try innovative and new products to share with you. I often share food (that’s my niche) but we also love sharing other cool products with […]

Purple People Eater Smoothie

Getting kids to eat healthy can be a bit of a chore sometimes. Okay, a HUGE chore. I’ve had to come up with some creative ideas over the years, and this time of year some creative names for the greens I make them eat. Several years ago we made these Halloween themed smoothies. This year, […]

Homemade Breaded Chicken Fingers with San J Gluten Free Dipping Sauce

Coming up with fun and original meals for the family can be tough. Making sure they are healthy too can be a bit of a challenge. Add to that I have to eat gluten free while the rest of the family enjoys gluten filled chicken fingers can also make it a challenge. One of our […]

prAna Clothing

I’m always on the hunt for comfortable clothing for work. I move a lot, am bending and running up and down our hallway grabbing everything from medication to ice for kids. I need to feel comfortable¬†in what I wear. I also need to look and feel updated and professional as I’m often talking to parents […]

Flavor Your Life

There is nothing better than a good slice of bread and butter. I don’t really crave bread and butter during the summer when it’s 90+ degrees outside. So I swap it up and dip my butter in some flavored oil. It’s a fresh and delicious alternative to a hot slice of bread oozing in butter. […]

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