Barbeque Chicken Nachos + Hello Summer!

Easy meals are a MUST in the summer! These barbeque chicken nachos are simple, easy and taste like summer!  I can’t believe we are in the first week of summer already. It’s been busy but so much fun! Lunch dates with the kids are fun. I got to take each of them out this week. […]

Chipotle Chicken Nachos

Nachos are one of our favorite foods. We love them for game time. We also consider them an essential “man food.” These smoky chipotle chicken nachos are absolutely incredible. They’ve got the creamy taste that nachos should have, a spicy chipotle undertone and a sprinkling of black beans. Chicken nachos are an absolute necessity in […]

Ultimate Chicken Nachos

Because I’m a wee bit tired (understatement) from staying out late to watch the midnight premiere of Hunger Games, I fell to a backup recipe that our family loves and enjoys over and over again. What I mean is we eat it during football season. We devour it during basketball season. And sometimes we just […]

Superbowl Nachos

This weekend I decided to try out some Superbowl recipes. Maybe I’m just anxious and excited for one of the best food days of the year. Or maybe I’m actually starting to get my appetite back. That would be a very nice thing to have back. Our little boy has made his own Superbowl predictions. […]

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