Setting Goals for the New Year–Why It’s Not Realistic

  Do your New Year’s resolutions just seem…daunting already? Have you already broken them or just sworn them off all together? There are reasons that I think New Year’s resolutions like loosing those extra five pounds fails. And why setting goals each time every year…fails! Goals are Set in a Moment of Desperation…There Isn’t a […]

New Year’s Tree

Today we’re revisiting one of our favorite posts from last year–our New Year’s Tree. We buy our tree on December 23 and found this to be a fun way to get our tree to last longer (and to motivate me to get the ornaments off the tree before February). Have a great New Year’s by […]

New Year’s Tree

Yes, I totally copied this idea of a New Year’s Tree from here. But there was a good reason to start this New Year’s tradition. This year we opted to get our tree the day before Christmas Eve. As we pulled into the tree lot, the attendants were loading up trees to head to the […]

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