Candied Pecan Pancakes

I’m all about the great flavors of Christmas. Cinnamon, peppermint, gingerbread, candied pecans. Oh yeah, today we are talking about the candied pecan. I have an amazing naturally sweetened candied pecan recipe. I’ve been munching on them all week. But I had a lot of leftover pecans so I decided to try to make some […]

Light and Fluffy White Whole Wheat Flour Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Light and fluffy white whole wheat flour chocolate chip pancakes are delicious hot off the griddle or easily frozen and pulled out for a quick and easy breakfast.  It’s Monday morning and the kids are home with me today. It’s a great day to lounge around, watch cartoons and spend the morning in our PJ’s. […]

3 Ingredient Power Protein Pancakes

I am so excited for next week. It’s time for summer and we will be featuring some great burger recipes and even a recipe for potato chips in the coming weeks. But today, it’s time to highlight breakfast, and these protein pancakes have been a staple in my house the last few weeks as the […]

Apple Pecan Pancakes

Whether you loathe or love Valentine’s Day, it never hurts to show the person you love them any time of the year. Our family loves Sunday breakfast, and I show my love for them by making something other than cold cereal. I would be perfectly happy pouring a bowl of cereal every day, but sometimes […]

Healthy Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Summer is officially gone. So it’s now chocolate chip pancake time. My first item of evidence? This morning the wind coming out of the canyon was cold. COLD. Not cool and refreshing like it is during the summer. My first two miles were spent running into the wind. The little one had a long sleeve, blanket […]

Maple Bacon Dutch Baby

Sunday breakfast at our house is always interesting. As a child, Sunday breakfast was exciting. My Dad was a former Army cook who believed that any ingredient could become a meal. That wasn’t always a good thing. There were times that he threw together some pretty….interesting ingredients. Like the time that we ran out of […]

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