Pheasant and Wild Rice

For those who like to hunt (I’m out!) pheasant hunting season has just come to a close and hopefully your freezer is stocked with birds. My husband loves to take our german shorthair pointer Chelsea out. She is an amazing dog and always wants to catch the bird (or the cat that comes to visit […]

(Pheasant) Chicken and Wild Rice Pie

Every month my husband turns into a stranger. He brings out his camo, heavy pants, and boots. Once he plops the guns and ammo onto the kitchen counter, our bird hunting dog goes crazy. She knows it’s time to stop being my running companion and time to go and get some dinner for us! ┬áBoth […]

{Thursdays Thoughts} Pheasant Hunting

There are times in marriage that you agree to disagree. Bird hunting is one of those things. In corner number one is me. I don’t like violence or gory things and feel that God created grocery stores for a reason. So I could shop there. We live in a day and age where hunting is […]

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