Double Chocolate Zucchini Bread with Frosted Raspberries

I have a love for this double chocolate zucchini bread. In all the years that I’ve been making it, the kids have NEVER noticed that I sneak in their greens. I don’t grate the zucchini though, THAT is the trick. Instead I puree it and put it into the zucchini bread mix. Score one for […]

TruWhip Frozen Raspberry Lemonade Bars + Giveaway

An easy dessert made with frozen raspberry lemonade and TruWhip natural cool whip. You won’t want the warm weather to slip by without trying this simple dessert that requires no baking!  When I made this recipe, the weather was 90 degrees, warm and sunny. By the time the recipe froze and the basketball game started […]

Raspberry Honey Butter

The winner of last night’s cooking class had to be the raspberry honey butter. It was the perfect pairing with the molasses quinoa waffles. We ran out of it so fast, I was trying to whip up more mid demonstration. I have to give the credit on this one to my brother in law, who […]

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