Sea Band

My honeymoon is the only time I can remember ever being sick on a boat. The stress of the wedding had  made me sick. I spent most of the honeymoon hugging the toilet, venturing out only at night when my stomach had calmed and everything from the night before had come up. The staff was […]

prAna Clothing

I’m always on the hunt for comfortable clothing for work. I move a lot, am bending and running up and down our hallway grabbing everything from medication to ice for kids. I need to feel comfortable in what I wear. I also need to look and feel updated and professional as I’m often talking to parents […]

Lightlife Smart Dogs Summer Cooking

100 degree days have hit! The dog days of summer are officially here. Staying cool has been top priority with the kids. We take daily trips to the pool, park ourselves by the air conditioner or run through the sprinklers. This is the first summer in several years that I’ve been able to stay at […]

Hail Merry Merry Bites

Summertime is tough. The workouts get harder, the mileage gets longer and just as soon as you finish your workout you remember it’s time to take your little (not so little anymore!) guy for a hike. Note: This will be the ONLY selfie I post this summer. I hate photos of myself, but if I’m […]

NeilMed Aspirator

I don’t know about you but this allergy season has been rough on our family. My poor little guy has been living with red, itchy watery eyes for a couple of weeks now. His nose is stuffy and then runny and he just doesn’t feel well. He was able to take a few minutes off […]

Goat Milk Formula

My kids were the allergy children when they were young. All three children were premature by six weeks or more. All three children had difficulty with formula. Formula that worked for one child didn’t work for another. It was frustrating. Now healthy and growing strong, our kids are growing and are healthy and thriving. And […]

Salt Lake City Gluten Free Expo 2015 Review + Giveaway!

This past weekend I had the opportunity of attending the Salt Lake City Gluten Free Expo. It’s one of the nations largest gluten free expos and it has rightly deserved it’s title. When you attend the gluten free expo, you definetely want to get there early to line up. This year only the first 1,000 […]

An AMAZING Way to Get Your Greens In…

It can be difficult to get your required amount of veggies everyday. And don’t even start on the battle faced everyday getting those little ones to eat their greens. Since most of my day is spent on the go running from one place to the next I need a simple and easy solution for getting […]

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