Easy Spanish Rice Meal–Done in Under 30 Minutes!

It definetely feels good to be feeling a little more normal again. We’ve had a period of rain lately and that’s probably been a good thing to slow me down a little as I get back to feeling better. I’m one that starts to feel better and wants to catch up on everything I should […]

Chipotle Cilantro Lime Rice + Alpacas For the Win

Fifteen hours in a car. Dinner time. And my seven year old is CRAVING beans and rice?? Cue a trip to Chipotle for Chipotle cilantro lime rice and beans. She loved it so much she has it all the time at home. With a side of alpacas for the win.  It was one of the […]

Slow Cooker Sesame Honey Chicken

A simple and easy meal for slow cooker sesame honey chicken–a classic favorite!  I often ask the kids what they want for dinner when doing my weekly meal plans. The answer my son gives over and over again is “I want that sesame chicken. It’s the BEST!” It truly is. It’s simple to throw in […]

Spanish Rice and Quinoa Dinner

It’s just about time for Cinco de Mayo! I love a good Mexican dish and this one is not only quick and easy–it’s wonderful to eat too! Grab your fork and have some Spanish rice and quinoa dinner! This dinner combines the taste of Mexico with a hearty helping of vegetables and meat, rice, a […]

(Pheasant) Chicken and Wild Rice Pie

Every month my husband turns into a stranger. He brings out his camo, heavy pants, and boots. Once he plops the guns and ammo onto the kitchen counter, our bird hunting dog goes crazy. She knows it’s time to stop being my running companion and time to go and get some dinner for us!  Both […]

{BURNT} Holiday Edition

Yes, it’s the holiday edition of “Burnt.” Today’s edition tackles the art of multitasking while cooking. Note: You NEVER want to multitask while cooking. Step 1: Put on the rice. Step 2: Help kids with homework, glance over at rice, stir it a little bit. Smile to self. Thirty minutes and dinner is done! Step […]

Healthy Ham Fried Rice

I am always looking for quick and easy meals. This Healthy Ham Fried Rice Recipe is perfect for that. With a busy family and a baby who somehow decides that right around dinnertime is her meltdown time, it can be tough. Quick, simple, easy and healthy. That’s my motto. This recipe for chinese fried rice […]

Chicken and Rice Wraps

One of the things that I love the most about these wraps is how much they make, and the ability to freeze them! After you freeze them they are so easy to reheat and make for lunches, a quick dinner one night, etc. Just a note that they are a little dryer when you reheat […]

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