Gluten Free Banana Bread for One

  This gluten free banana bread for one is ready in thirty minutes and is the perfect portion!  When you are the only one who is eating gluten free or with dietary restrictions it can be really hard to make yourself an entire loaf of bread or an entire cake. For one thing, you just […]

Why I Run.

There are so many…SO MANY days that I don’t want to throw on those shoes and get outside. Cold weather, windy weather, too sunny, a liiiiitle too warm. Kids called and need me to drop off a forgotten permission slip. Gotta make an impromptu run to the store for a forgotten dinner ingredient. I’ve got plenty […]

The Real Cost of Running

Once the mileage creeps up on your runs the money spent on all those “miscellaneous” items can creep up too. We’ll explore the real cost of running and how to save money on the products you need.  Strap on a pair of shoes and start running, right? That worked for awhile but once the mileage […]

Backside Workouts for Runners

One of the things that I am quickly learning after hitting a certain amount of mileage every week is that weight and strength training has become necessary as I’ve battled a few inconvience injuries. What are those? They are the injuries that never seem to sideline you–or they might for a few days or a […]

Random Thoughts…

I’m having one of those days when writers block seems to be the theme of the day and too many random thoughts are wandering through my head. Enter in and enjoy! On Potty Training….. We lost the “golden” potty training months because of my 3 1/2 year old’s older brother scaring her away from the potty […]

No Bake Oatmeal Raisin Energy Bites

These no bake oatmeal raisin energy bites are the perfect food to eat before a workout or a busy day! A great grab and go breakfast or snack.  My summer runs are usually done really, really, REALLY early in the morning. I live near a mountain canyon, so the early mornings are brutal as a […]

What I Take Running {Clif Bar Review}

I love to run. That’s a lie. The first mile of a run is brutal. Your body is still cold and the muscles are tight and less responsive. It takes everything I have in me not to turn around and head back into the warmth of the house. Running in the dark is no exception, […]

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