Souvla San Francisco Chicken Salad Recipe

San Francisco will always have a special place in my heart. I spent my first honeymoon there, weekend trips with my parents, and even got to take our kids there many times too. It’s a place that has also broken me. Tested me. And helped me rise from some of life’s hardest difficulties. It was […]

Baked Mac n’ Cheese Casserole–Perfect for The Superbowl!!

The Superbowl is around the corner and one of our favorite meals is our copycat Cheesecake Factory mac n’ cheese balls! They are easy to make as finger foods to enjoy but take a little more prep time than I have sometimes. My secret to making it the past few years has been to make […]

San Francisco

San Francisco will always hold ¬†a special place to two lovers. Young and naive to the world around them, it was just the two of them in the bustling, busy city. The newly married bride spent most of her honeymoon in this beautiful city hugging the porcelain throne in the bathroom–sick with a stomach bug. […]

Eating My Way Through San Francisco

Eleven years ago I was married. We honeymooned in the most beautiful city–San Francisco, California. The problem? I only remember the toilet of our hotel room. Perhaps the stress of the wedding, or a bug plagued me our entire honeymoon. My husband dubbed it the most ¬†celibant honeymoon ever. I remember the wonderful staff offering […]

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