Garlic Herb Cauliflower Rice

There are trends that I just don’t “get.” Cauliflower rice is one of those trends. Cauliflower rice is pretty easy to make. You just dump a head of cauliflower into a food processor and blend it until it is the consistency of couscous. You can then cook with it and pretty much make any kind […]

Slow Cooker Cinnamon Applesauce

Slow cooker cinnamon applesauce is easy to make (no peeling skins!) and makes for a delicious side dish with any meal. See how we make this delicious recipe into easy school lunch food pouches.  Fall is here! A few weeks ago we had the chance to head up the canyon to snap a few photos […]

Gluten Free French Fried Onions

Delicious and easy to make gluten free french fried onions are the perfect topping on your favorite dish!  I’ve kind of been on a salad kick lately. Even though I have never been a big red meat eater, the steak salad I’ve been making has been in the rotation lately. The weather is heating up […]

Red Roasted Carrots

January always brings a renewed passion for healthy eating for a lot of people. As the month goes on and I get more tired, (four nights a week I get solo parenting duties while my husband is on the road) I have a harder time putting together meals. Most nights I cram my hand into a […]

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quesadillas

“Variety is the spice of life.” These sweet potato black bean quesadillas pretty well sum that up. They are different but absolutely delicious! The veggies in this help to lighten up the quesadilla and give it great flavor. Have you noticed a pattern? Our family seems to have a “thing” with quesadillas. They are as […]

Quick and Easy Skillet Cornbread

A perfect skillet cornbread recipe is one of those kitchen staples that is required. It’s the perfect side dish and it’s great as a dessert. After having some with a bowl of chili I might have had a couple of slices slathered in light honey butter. The run the next morning so let me know […]

Cranberry Rosemary Squash

I feel like I can make dinner each night. Simple and easy. Dessert? Easy. Side dishes? Man I struggle. We eat salads and green beans and apples as side dishes on a pretty regular basis. Occasionally I’ll throw in some cooked carrots or spaghetti squash. When I came across this simple and easy side dish […]

{Tuesday’s Tips} Roasted Strawberries

You’ve probably seen roasted strawberry recipes all over the web. They are a really easy recipe to make and take virtually just a few minutes to prepare before popping in the oven. As the strawberries bake, they become sweeter and juicier.  They also form a beautiful thick syrup as they bake.  The balsamic adds to […]

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