Boudin Bakery Garlic Asiago Crackers (Easy Version + Gluten Free Version!)

Boudin Bakery has always been one of my favorite restaurants to go to. If you ever make it out to San Francisco, make sure you head to Boudin Bakery! I suggest going to the store on Fisherman’s Wharf for the full bakery experience. The bakery portion of the restaurant has lot’s of loaves of different […]

Chipotle Chicken Sourdough Grilled Cheese

If I didn’t win you over yesterday with our chipotle chicken nachos and make you run out to buy chipotle seasoning, than today’s chipotle chicken sourdough grilled cheese will definetely inspire you to become a chipotle fan. The spicy chipotle taste is offset by the light tangy flavor of the sourdough. The cheese and chicken […]

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