Spiced Squash Muffins

It’s fall! The weather is changing and I’m getting sad that winter is around the corner. But fall baking is one of my favorites. I love pumpkin and am excited for pumpkin and apple and squash recipes. Today is a great recipe to hide squash in. These spiced squash muffins are the perfect recipe to […]

Squash Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream

Yes, it might be the middle of winter and I’m posting an ice cream recipe. A rich, delicious decadent vanilla ice cream recipe to be exact. But looking in my freezer the other day I found yet another bag of squash. This bag was already pureed before I froze it, so now it looked at […]

Cranberry Rosemary Squash

I feel like I can make dinner each night. Simple and easy. Dessert? Easy. Side dishes? Man I struggle. We eat salads and green beans and apples as side dishes on a pretty regular basis. Occasionally I’ll throw in some cooked carrots or spaghetti squash. When I came across this simple and easy side dish […]

Winter Squash Bread

Looking for a simple and easy butternut squash recipe? Make your over abundance of squash into a delicious bread recipe!  First off, I give no credit to myself for this recipe. In a casual conversation with my sitter and good friend she happened to mention that she fed my youngest squash bread at lunch. My […]

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