Easy Spanish Rice Meal–Done in Under 30 Minutes!

It definetely feels good to be feeling a little more normal again. We’ve had a period of rain lately and that’s probably been a good thing to slow me down a little as I get back to feeling better. I’m one that starts to feel better and wants to catch up on everything I should […]

Steak Salad

I grew up in the traffic and smog of Orange County, California. Learning about how my food was grown was often learned in a museum with pictures of happy cows living in a far off place explaining how we got our milk or a trip to my local farmers market where signs on vegetables were […]

Balsamic Flank Steak

One of the goals my husband had for me this year was to include more steak recipes on the site. He’s a steak eater, and says the majority of people in the world are quote, “not crazy like me.” This balsamic flank steak recipe comes from Bobby Flay, and has a wonderful flavor and texture […]

Simple Steak Sandwich

I truly almost feel guilty for sharing this recipe for my simple steak sandwich. Did I ever tell you how I can’t cook steak? I really can’t cook steak to save my life. If someone stuck me in a kitchen with a piece of steak I would probably start crying. I would have no idea […]

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