White Chocolate Cherry Limeade Cookies

Delicious white chocolate cherry limeade cookies are full of summer’s best flavors and drizzled or dipped in white chocolate for a fun and festive look!  Welcome to the dog days of summer. My dog hogs the air conditioner vents, takes up real estate on the couches and acts like it’s drudgery to have to go […]

Mexican Sno Cones (with Mango Syrup)

Mexican sno cones are topped with a rich mango syrup and a hint of spice for a unique twist on the classic sno cone.  This recipe for mexican sno cones is also a great natural sno cone alternative!  Last week we went to our local air show. Since I had taken the kids myself to […]

S’Mores Graham Cereal Squares

Today you are being introduced to our family’s favorite dessert. This dessert is addicting. Really addicting. It’s also a great dessert that’s easily adaptable and great for serving at summer outdoor parties as it will feed a large crowd. S’mores graham cereal squares need to go on your must make list. I was introduced many, […]

Summer Photos {2015}

Summer is just getting started but we’ve already had a busy time! Here are a few glimpses from our summer so far: I love a good desert sunset… Can’t even tell you how many years we’ve been coming to Papa and Grandma’s house hoping to get a picture of one of these cute little jackrabbits… Visiting […]

Could the Heat Be Killing Your Appetite? Weight Loss in the Summer

If you’ve got a job that keeps you outdoors in the summer, trying to keep weight on in the summer can be difficult. Weight loss in the summer can be a real problem for those who work on a daily basis in the heat or participate in extreme sports in the summer. My husband worked […]

Blended Root Beer Float

Summer is my favorite season. I feel like I have to squeeze in so much because there are so many fun things to do that I love and enjoy and want to have my kids enjoy to. Swimming, hiking, biking, trips to the library, parades and the city fair are all things that we love […]

{Tuesday’s Tips} How to Make Crockpot Recipes for Summer

During the summer, the crockpot collects dust and meals like soups, chicken dinners and roasts get put aside for foods cooked on the grill and summer salads. But what if I told you to dust off the crockpot? Summer crockpot recipes are some of the best you will eat, and still allow you the freedom […]

Guest Blogger: Sweet and Sour Summer Dessert

I’m loving April’s Country Life. She’s guesting today while I’m vacation–as in oh crap! the kids get out of school in two days and I’ve got NOTHING ready for them type vacation! It’s not a bad thing taking a shopping vacation. I can’t ever complain about that. See you tomorrow with a fabulous ice cream […]

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