Guest Blogger: Sweet and Sour Summer Dessert

I’m loving April’s Country Life. She’s guesting today while I’m vacation–as in oh crap! the kids get out of school in two days and I’ve got NOTHING ready for them type vacation! It’s not a bad thing taking a shopping vacation. I can’t ever complain about that. See you tomorrow with a fabulous ice cream […]

101 Kids Summer Activities + Links to THOUSANDS More! *Updated Frequently*

Update: Look for *NEW* links added at the bottom! Summer is just around the corner, and after their first week home, the kids will want you to spend the next two months entertaining them. Here is a HUGE list of fun outdoor activities that you can use to keep them entertained all summer. The 101 […]

Parmesan Chicken Pasta Salad

With an abnormally warm week, dinner’s have been spent outside on the patio. Yard work has gotten done, and the kids and I spend a lot of time playing soccer, running, or biking outside. Which is how I found the rocks on the roof. When I quizzed my little boy about how the rocks got […]

When Spring Hands You Snow…

Utah has some weird weather. The day before yesterday was 80 degrees. Yesterday? It was snowing. What happened to April Showers? Since we were stuck in between spring, winter and summer we made ourselves some snow cones. First rule is use some fresh snow. No colored or grass stained snow. Not good. Second rule is […]

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